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Joe From Cincinnati 1649

Nymeria Sand, Syrio Forel, Unsworn Apprentice and Edric Dayne make the deck very flexible with icons. The 3 Noble Lineages also help to make the deck run well and are great for set up.

There are occasional problems with economy, simply because the deck is running 3 Benjens, 3 Nymerias and 2 Syrios. I actually had to cut 1 Ranging Party, as well as Will and Littlefinger simply because there were too many 4 and 5 gold characters in the deck for the relatively lackluster economy that the Night’s Watch has.

I also had to cut A Meager Contribution because Nymeria, Confinement and Maester Caleotte are so good with Tears of Lys and I didn’t want to commit more than 12 slots to events and attachments.

So if there is a weakness of this deck, it is economy. But it has good draw from the Ravens and plenty of low cost characters to help defend the Wall. 26 of the 36 characters are 3 gold or less (this will be adjusted when the First Snow of Winter eventually comes out).

I was surprised how much I liked Summons in this deck. Being able to find and play Nymeria Sand helps the deck a ton and, worst case scenario, you can grab an Unsworn Apprentice, Syrio Forel, either Maester or even Edric. I’ve never used Summons in this deck and didn’t find something that helped me. Also a great plot to recover from after your opponent uses Varys, as you can go find the icon that you still need to defend the Wall, dependent on your hand and what is left on your side of the field. In this scenario, even a Steward at the Wall would be a good pull from Summons, if you don’t have any intrigue icons on the board.

Building Orders obviously helps get the Wall. But it’s also great for grabbing some economy if you want to play Nymeria or Syrio, and can even grab a Noble Lineage if you miss on the Wall and economy.

Noble Lineage protects your characters from Plaza of Punishment, which is really nice since Targ is a big weakness for the Night’s Watch, considering they have so much character removal that burns through saves from Aemon and dupes.

I tried running Fortified Posiiton in this deck to help against the likes of Balon and Tywin, but it turns out Nymeria, Unsworn Apprentice, Syrio, Edric are all really bad on that turn, and you could end up shooting yourself in the foot more often than not.

Confiscation is a must because Nymeria needs to stay unmilked (as does Benjen).

Calm Over Westeros can be used as an opening plot that is safe versus Naval Superiority, or as a late game plot to protect your power/characters when you’re close to winning.

As far as Night’s Watch decks go, this is the best icon distribution I’ve ever had and it runs very well. I wish I could fit in Feast for Crows, as Martell doesn’t offer much passive power gain, making the Wall the primary strategy, but you have enough icon manipulation that you can force plenty of unopposed challenges and turn into a typical deck capable of winning challenges when you need to.

I’m really excited to start testing this deck once the chapter pack comes out and we’ll see if it works as well in practice as it does in theory!


TheDiddler 1

I’m eager to test this out on Thursday against some of the local players. If I see anything crazy I will let you know.

Dydra 1477

If you are having trouble with economy, why not In Doran’s Name ?

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@Shi-Tien Yen-WangTonight is my game night at my local game store, so I’ll be testing it too. Hopefully it plays well, because the concept is fun and interesting :)

@DydraThat’s a good idea. Maybe a 1x to see how it runs. I could drop Castle Black to 1x perhaps to make room. That could help. Even on turn 3, an extra 2 gold can go a long way.

Kain8 39

This looks like so much fun to play. My only concern, like yours, is the economy needed to fuel everything. Maybe double down on Calling the Banners and remove Filthy Accusations?

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@Kain8That may be ultimately the best choice. I’m going to be testing it tonight at my LGS. I am hopeful that the economy won’t be too big of an issue, but I’ll be prepared to put that second Calling the Banners in if it becomes to cumbersome.

Thank you for commenting! :)

Whiskeyjackza 21

This looks good. (Disclaimer: I am no expert Thrones or Wall player). Thinking -1 Benjen (only 4 Rangers at best out), -1 Sam and even potentially -1 Nymeria (really sucks when Milked, but for now confiscation keeps her in) and adding +1 Dayne Knight +1 Desert Scavenger +1 Confiscation. Also swapping out Filthy Accusations for Feast for Crows to improve economy. Interested to hear how testing goes and especially the value of Benjen and if Nymeria (confiscation - milk ratio/trade-off) .

clovis20 1

@habesjn I did some changes, what you think? -1 Filthy accusations, +1 here to serve to save early mil claims. -1 Noble Lineage, -1 Maester Aemon, +2 In Doran’s name. Since we have here to serve, we don’t need 3 aemon, and we need a lot of gold, this deck is expensive.

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@clovis20I’ve entertained Here to Serve millions of times for this deck by now haha. My biggest concern is this: I already can’t run Fortified Position in this deck because of Nymeria, Apprentices, Edric and Syrio. So Balon and all the other big boys become a major problem. Filthy was the last line of defense keeping balon from just running over this deck entirely.

If I were to add Here to Serve, though, removing one Aemon is good. I really like 3 noble lineages in the deck simply because there are 18 characters that directly benefit from it, and it also protects your characters from Seastone Chair and Plaza of Punishment, as well as the new Greyjoy card Raiding Longship. So attachments are going to become even more valuable as the game goes on.

@Whiskeyjackza I agree that Benjen can go down at least 1. I may even drop him to 1x, just because there is enough stealth defense in this deck now that he is not as necessary. And I’m down to only 4 or 5 rangers at this point.

I am building the deck around Nymeria so I don’t want to cut her to 2x, but if you wanted to, I think your reasoning is fair.

I am going to be posting a revised version of this deck. I tested it on Wednesday and, as expected, the economy struggled mightily. The combo is still there and it works beautifully when it gets going.

But it is also a slower deck than my NW Stark and NW Bara decks. No ancillary power gain, and taking out Feast for Crows, made it depend on the Wall a bit too much. So in my revised version, I’m switching up the plots a bit to get more economy and access to additional power.

I’m also lowering the cost curve a bit and trying to smooth it out with reducers and Arianne.

I have 1 or 2 more hard decisions to make on it, but I’ll be posting it soon.

Thanks for checking out my decks and I hope you enjoy playing them! :D

TheDiddler 1

I have definitely noticed on each run through that the deck struggles with economy and getting hit from big characters. I look forward to your modified version as I like the concept of the deck overall.