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Joe From Cincinnati 1649

Nymeria Sand, Syrio Forel, Unsworn Apprentice and Edric Dayne make the deck very flexible with icons. The 3 Noble Lineages also help to make the deck run well and are great for set up.

As I expected, there were economy problems with the previous edition of this deck. I removed 2 Benjens and added 1 Arianne so that she can be reduced by the 3 Martell Reducers and ‘cheat’ Benjen and Syrio into play for cheap.

i am happy with the events. I see them enough to use them, but not enough that I wish I was seeing more characters.

Due to the economy weakness, I overhauled my plots. Feast for Crows has been a staple in most of my Night’s Watch decks and I missed it almost immediately. Not only does it provide great economy, but it speeds the deck up a bit. With no ancillary power gain like I have in My NW Stark deck with Sansa or Chamber of the Painted Table in my NW Bara deck, this deck needs help speeding up the game when it doesn’t see the Wall early.

A friend of mine, many know him by the name Drakk, is trying to convince me that Trading with the Pentoshi is a good include in this deck. I’m not convinced, mainly because this deck relies on its big characters and if Trading is Naval’d, you’re basically done. There isn’t enough economy to recover from a 5 to 0 gold turn. At least with Feast or Noble Cause (in other decks, not this one) is only a 2 to 0 gold turn. Giving them the 3 gold in addition to having none yourself is basically a guaranteed loss, unless you already had the advantage at that time. But with the most common turn to play Trading with the Pentoshi (and the best, according to Drakk) being turn 1, it can be incredibly predictable and relatively safe for your opponent to break out their Naval and see if they can autowin a game.

For these reasons, I added a second Calling the Banners to make sure I could afford everything well that wouldn’t lose me the game if it is hit by Naval Superiority. That makes 4 plots that can play any character in the deck. That should help it along quite nicely. Removing Building Orders hurts, but I think it’s for the greater good.

I also removed Wildfire Assault. Yes, it is strong to nuke your own Bastard daughters and Benjen, but it took up a slot that could be used to further improve the economy. And, as many have told me over the last few months, Night’s Watch doesn’t mind having huge boards.

I disagree, as a smaller board is a more predictable board and a predictable board is how the Night’s Watch wins games.

But in order to adjust the economy and still allow for Summons, I had to remove it. We’ll see if I regret that decision in testing to come.

When the pieces are on the board (Nymeria, Syrio, Edric, Maester Cal), the deck runs beautifully.

Although, because of the core of the deck being Martell, I removed Castle Black. Too often I was foregoing NW characters to play my Martell characters and Castle Black would be a dead card in my hand or play.

I also upped Iron Throne to 3 because I’m literally never upset when I see it. It’s always a good thing to play and it makes Feast for Crows easy to trigger.

Milks become very crucial for this deck because the plots do not allow for a lot of control like in many of my other NW decks. So I increased the milks to 3x. Without Fortified Position to neutralize renown and Balon (Balon still wrecks all Night’s Watch decks), milks are going to be even more important than usual in controlling those irritating big characters that, for whatever reason, FFG forgot to print for the Night’s Watch.

I continued to reduce the cost curve of the deck by adding more reducers, reducing some 5s and putting in some more 2s and 3s etc.

Noble Lineage protects your characters from Plaza of Punishment, which is really nice since Targ is a big weakness for the Night’s Watch, considering they have so much character removal that burns through saves from Aemon and dupes. It also stops Seastone Chair and now Raiding Longship. So attachments are becoming increasingly more important.

After testing the deck, I am trying to decide if this deck, or the reverse banner of Martell Banner of the Watch would be superior.

Ghaston Grey would do amazing things for this deck. And you’d only really have to trade 2x Sam and 3x Messenger Ravens for 3x Greenblood Traders.

Obviously the card draw will be worse, but maybe Ghaston Grey makes up for that by bouncing their renown characters and slowing down their march to victory.

Something to think about for sure.


jaypeedaylee 36

I would almost drop Weymar for either Yoren or another Obara. Having Obara out is never a bad thing when Nymeria is on the board, and with 3x Nymeria that's almost a guarantee

I also agree with Pentoshi, although your plot selection is really tight right now. But 13 gold for a turn is just nice, especially with so many low cost cards in the deck. It would give you a chance to turn 3-4 a Wildfire to narrow down the board then turn 4-5 a Pentoshi to flood out the bodies. Maybe it's worth trading a Banners for a Pentoshi?

I like how you have 0 Castle Black's... I'm not sure if I could live without it, but might give it a shot.

I'm curious as to who you use Dawn with? I still think Longclaw is the better attachment, although the intimidate factor could be nice from Dawn... But the Renown keyword with Longclaw. Arianne is also a pretty nice addition, never thought to add her!

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@jaypeedayleeAs I played this deck more, I realized how often my board had absolutely no Night's Watch cards on it. Frequently, I'd have Syrio, Nymeria, Edric and maybe one or two NW characters among my defenders. So Castle Black became more and more unnecessary. I finally decided to remove it after the 2nd or 3rd game in a row where it sat in my hand for essentially the entire game.

I use Dawn with basically anyone. Nymeria is a 4 strength character, so a Crown of Gold or Dracarys! is very dangerous to her. Giving her dawn makes her at least a 5 unless it's turn 1, meaning she isn't instantly killed by a Crown or Dracarys! (unless Dany is standing or defending against a Unsullied).

Yea I miss the renown but, like I said, there are long stretches of gameplay where I'm not relying on Night's Watch characters, so Longclaw wouldn't have too many targets.

Dawn can go on any character. So it, like Noble Lineage, will make any character I need immune to Plaza of Punishment, Seastone Chair or Raiding Longship. That alone is a very nice benefit. The additional strength is just gravy.

And, if you put it on a house dayne knight or Edric, you can maybe intimidate a few people, which is always nice.

Arianne was added as a way to cheat Syrio in, as 5 gold for a neutral is tough to swing sometimes. So she was a nice little boost to the economy.

I definitely see the perks of Trading with the Pentoshi. But I'm a cautious player (probably why I play Night's Watch) and the idea of a 5 to 0 gold turn just in the off chance that my opponent is running Naval Superiority really rubs me to the wrong way.

Waymar for Obara is a tough call. Both have their roles. I really like that Waymar forces your opponent to discard a card. Him plus the bastard daughters makes for some major military deterrence as the game goes on. He may turn into an Obara as I continue testing.