2016 US National Winning Deck

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Dublin Regionals Winner - 15 players 3 1 0 1.0

sygmaghost94 825

First off, I would like to give special thanks to Jonathan Herr for inspiring the deck. I went to two regionals this season and this dude made top 4 at one and first place at the other with a Stark Fealty Winterfell deck. Secondly, this is my first tourney report so I apologize if I have forgotten your name or things about our match like your deck, cards, plays, etc.

Round 1: Storm H. (Targaryen Banner of the Lion) - Loss -I don't really remember what I had this game, but I know Storm setup a duped Drogo and played Jaime and Tyrion turn one...so yeah it was a rough game. I managed to eventually kill both Drogo and Jaime, but after losing both Robb and Ned to intrigue claim I had no way of coming back. Storm took the game and sent me to the losers bracket.

Round 2: Seth L. (Lannister Banner of the Sun) - Win -I had to mull this game and was left with a two card setup; Eddard and a Kingsroad. I'm pretty bummed because I'm sitting there thinking I've already lost the tourney if Seth plays Marched. Thankfully he did not and I was able to regain some board presence. I want to say Winterfell was a huge help whenever I saw it and it helped me secure this game.

Round 3: Levi (Stark Lord of the Crossing) - Win -This game was brutal because we both had Winterfell out so it was impossible to get off any of my effects. Damn, Winterfell is annoying to play against. I played A Time for Wolves so that I could pull off my Ice and I was able to out aggro him the rest of the game.

Round 4: Jason K. (Baratheon Fealty) - Win -I was feeling pretty confident about this match-up especially when I had Jon Snow on setup. Turn one Jason set up his dominance package with Iron Throne, a duped Gendry, Chamber, and the Armory while I played Winterfell. This card is insanely good. With the +1 to all of my characters, I was able to win dominance forcing Gendry to be sacrificed. From there I was able to muscle my way to a win.

Round 5: Paul, I think. Maybe Mike? (Lannister Banner of the Sun) - Win -So in the first two plots my Blackfish is Imprisoned and Condemned and my Ned is hit by a Tears. Fortunately for me, Brad only had one character on setup and I was eventually able to aggro to a win.

Round 6 (Top 32 Graduated Cut): Ryan E. (Lannister Banner of the Dragon)- Win -Ryan is a meta-mate of mine and coincidentally the winner of the US National Melee tournament. I didn't want to play Ryan because he knows all of my tricks and shenanigans. Turn one I Milked his Syrio to prevent him from pulling off a Put to the Sword. It was a pretty much a slug fest for the remainder of the game, but I was able to get the win.

Round 7: Dustan A. (Lannister Banner of the Dragon) - Win -This game was another brawl. I had Sansa and Lady out early which make for a 6 strength character who can be in two challenges. That was pretty fun. Being able to grab a well timed Ice with Building Orders was really helpful. Dustan's undefeated winning streak came to an end.

Round 8 (Top 8 Cut): Josh J. (Lannister Banner of the Wolf) - Win -Josh wound up Warding my Bran and Arya but he admits to misplaying when he forgot that Ice works on defense as well. Winterfell kept his Lannister hijinks in check while seeing all 3 Ice and some Milks helped me close out the game.

Round 9: Jon P. (Lannister Lord of the Crossing) -Win -I had my best setup all day with five cards and I drew back into Robb, Eddard, and Cat. So the game was pretty straightforward to the end.

Round 10 (Finals): Brian F. (Lannister Banner of the Wolf) - Win -Brian setup a Rickon which was super annoying considering it stopped me from being able to play A Time for Wolves and Building Orders, so I was stuck opening with Trading. Luckily for me, he chose Rickon to satisfy military claim and I was able to drop Building Orders the next turn. With the help of Ice and Winterfell, I was able to maintain enough pressure to take down the last game.

Again, sorry for the brief recaps. The deck is pretty much just using Winterfell and Cat to stop any problems that would get in the way of your aggro and rush capabilities. Building Orders was my favorite card of the tournament because you're usually always getting an Ice, Milk, or Winterfell. If you have any questions about the deck, feel free to ask.


TinyGrimes 206

Why did you choose Time for Wolves? Seems like an odd inclusion in your deck.

sygmaghost94 825

Time for Wolves is a great tool box card. It provided me with an on demand winter plot so I could counter other Winterfells or use it with my own. I could grab Summer to flood the board after a First Snow or a Wildfire. I would pick up Grey Wind if I thought they were going to play First Snow and he's great with Robb. Time for Wolves was very versatile and I loved having it in my plot deck.

grik 7

Do you remember what the final power totals were after every match?

sygmaghost94 825

I don't. I think I had 15 power at the end of most of my games

manson0815 1

What do u think about adding a second Building orders for Wardens of the North?

sygmaghost94 825

I definitely would not cut Wardens. This card is amazing against Martell and makes pulling off Ice pretty easy

manson0815 1

ok Thx. so would u change anything at this deck?

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Cogratulations on such a great result! Did you find Winter Is Coming x3 to be really useful? I usually find it being useful in more aggro oriented builds, where I am at least packing one claim-2 plit. Otherwise it normally serves as a claim raiser for power challenges (which is not bad either, but in that case I tend to prefer other cards) Is that your case, or did that claim rising in military help during games? I guess it's not bad for The First Snow of Winter turn, though :)

Courteous 25

@Manuel Cabezalí It's cool because you can focus 1 chall so it's polyvalent

supercuts 152

Nathan, congratulations on the win. I'm sorry to see there isn't more recognition for the accomplishment, but that seems to be what the community is right now. Awesome job, well played, and I look forward to more games at the big ones this year if you can make it. -Seth

scantrell24 3296

Congrats! Thanks for sharing your list and report.

cml 128

Congrats on the win! Tremendous job.

Kennon 246

COngrats, Nate! Knew you had to take one down eventually!

Hinomura 2

Congratulations on the win, and thank you for posting the report and deck list!

I think you may have your last two opponent's names the wrong way around though - I'm pretty sure Jon Palmer was the player you beat in the final.

Bronson 117

Awesome work -- thanks for sharing the deck and again, congratulations!

imrahil327 129

Nice work ser! Good to see a non-Lanni deck take down such a big field. Lots of good players in that t8 too!

@supercuts- can you explain more what you mean about a lack of recognition?

hattrickflyer 374

Great job, Nate! As @Hinomurasays above, you did beat me in the finals, not the t4, tho you've got the decktypes right :)

I thought it was really cool to see you were able to make Milk work in Stark - I know we had the laugh when you flipped the Roseroad off Gates but I didn't know your odds of a non-Stark card were that high! Thanks much for the great game, couldn't have lost to a better opponent.

Solaris 1

Congrats on your victory! I'm going to test your version of the deck and hope to bring more glory to the Starks in the tournament.

Ra1dy 32

I´m sorry, how could you play time for wolves to pull off ICE?

Manuel Cabezalí 431

@Ra1dyI think he means that, since Time for Wolves is a winter plot, he was able to trigger Ice's reaction even with his opponent having Witerfell on the table.

BillyDooku 110

Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing your insight!

Katogamerguy 1

Congrats on the win and for breaking the mold a bit. I look forward to trying this one out.

sygmaghost94 825

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! Sorry Jon for mixing up our games. I think everyone's questions have been answered by me or a community member, but if you have any more or I missed yours, feel free to let me know!

phage10 2

Thanks you @sygmaghost94 for sharing. I was curious why you have Wildling Scout, as to me it just seems like a steep cost for the effect? Stealth is great but maybe some context for when you would use the effect.

Also, Trading with the Pentoshi is useful to help with the cost of the deck I see but gives your opposition extra gold. Any advice on how best to use it to minimise any negative effects?

sygmaghost94 825

Wildling Scout is such a fun card. They add extra intrigue icons and a well timed stealth can help pull off Ice and other necessary challenge wins. As for Trading; the beauty of this deck is that you really don't have to worry about what your opponent has. Between Winterfell, Cat, Ice, and Milk, you should have an answer to everything your opponent plays. With this in mind, I really don't care if my opponent has 3 extra gold or 100.

phage10 2

Thanks @sygmaghost94. Those are fair points, and clearly work as a strategy!

FishinInTheDark 1

Congrats on the win and sweet deck! Looking forward to playing around with this concept a bit.

uolmo 1

Well Done!

Any lack of economy?

Saw one of your game here: www.youtube.com Awesome play.

s.the.dornishman 1

@sygmaghost94 Congrats ! Very well played!

Were you ever able to come back vs. a turn 1 Naval Superiority (in testing) vs. your Trading with the Pentoshi ?

sygmaghost94 825

@uolmo I never had any trouble with economy. Trading helps to get out the big guys or Winterfell and most of the other characters are cheap enough to play easily. Fealty is practically +1 gold every turn considering the high amount of loyal cards in the deck.

sygmaghost94 825

@s.the.dornishmanHonestly, I never ran into that problem. It was a meta call that most people were not running Naval so I felt pretty safe whenever I had to open with it.

uolmo 1

Top 4 game, great game again: www.youtube.com

uolmo 1

I played it today at our regional in Geneva Switzerland. I played really badly so I went 5 loss. But that's true that I didn't get any economical issue. The septa, Aria, Sansa went on board a lot of time and it feels great and was cheap to pay for.

adam_geek 457

which is better?Noble Cause or Trade?

Courteous 25

@adam_geek Thing is both are weak to Naval Superiority.

They have different use,

A Noble Cause: Exclusive for Lord/Lady and 0 initiative, 7 virtual gold (5plot + (-)2 on lord/lady)

Trading with the Pentoshi: Non exclusive and 2 initiative, 7 virtual gold (10 - 3 for opponent)

So there is no best plot, each have opportunity to shine as eco plot

sygmaghost94 825

@adam_geek, Trading is better for this deck as it easily allows you to play your heavy hitters or Winterfell. With Noble, playing Winterfell is almost impossible if you wish to get the full benefit from a playing a lord or lady.

cloudstrife1969 1

Don't know if you noticed but you have 16 neutral cards included in the list. Just saying. Nice build. Gonna try out a similar build myself.

cloudstrife1969 1

I made a mistake, sorry I counted the plots. My bad.

Daigelmir 1

Great deck! I really like it. Btw What do you think of Riverrun? Is it worth it? Any other cards worth switching from the newest pack?

dvasek32 1

@sygmaghost94 cg to win at first. At 2nd: what did u think about new Robb Stark in this deck? (Fully change for the old one) i saw your final play and "old robb" and sacrif. Arya Stark help you to stand Grey Wind and eat someone, than marched and so on. It was increadible, but this deck isn't a verry good for sacrif'ing characters, i think. What did you think about that?

sygmaghost94 825

I think the new Robb is good, but not in this deck. I have no 7 cost characters which helps with setups and other economical issues. I usually did not have a problem winning challenges when I needed to, so the new Robb's affect doesn't add much. Core set Robb is the one for this deck, no doubt.