Stark Fealty - AGOT 2 Demo

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HoD Gates of Winterfell - 1st UK Nationals (107p) 61 46 15 2.0
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Matwebb 14

AGOT 2 Demo Deck. This Deck is actually based on the one that won the UK Tournament this year! Its quite unusual in that it doesn't use attachments or events and has 48 character cards!!

One of the first things to note about this deck is the sheer volume of characters but also the amount of gold you can generate to afford to pay for all the characters. You should never be short of gold with this deck with 4 economy ploys - Calling the Banners, Trading with the Pentoshi and 2x Marching Orders.

There is an interesting dynamic about this deck that can reward the death (or killing) of your own characters. Robb Stark (Core) is the key to this, allowing all characters to have 2 challenges per turn if played correctly. Jon Snow (WotN) also has a little version of this that could allow 1 character to have 3 challenges if played in combo with Rob.

There are some really strong locations in the deck too all based around Winterfel. Winterfell increases all characters strength while protecting from dangerous card effects (Greyjoy!), Winterfell Castle can boost all characters by 2! and Gates of Winterfell can help you draw new cards.

You win with this deck through sheer weight of numbers, becoming unmanageable for the opposition to deal with and forcing through a victory!

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