DC NW/Crossing ( Top 8 Worlds 2016)

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supercuts 152

This is the Deck Steve Simoni and I played at the 2016 World Championship. Steve made top 8 and I scrubbed out.

The deck is a classic "defend the wall" NW deck except with crossing instead of fealty. We favored crossing for several reasons: -We wanted to play more than 15 neutrals. We needed the resources (6), we felt like the events were essential to keeping things under control (11), we wanted the throne to help in games where you didn't get the wall early and to help even out the bara featy matchup (13), milk is a no brainer (16), and the littlefingers were great vs first snow because they could provide claim soak and an int icon that would stay on the table (19).

-The power from crossing and the ability to pump str for power challenges was necessary for games where the wall didn't come out or didn't appear until late. Crossing + wall + fortified was also a good late game play, where you could come all 3 challenges and win the power, but not worry about stealth etc when your opponent made challenges back.

-Often times we realized we were kneeling the faction card for dolorous edd anyway. It was especially annoying to play a loyal card in the fealty version but not use the fealty reduction, because your opponent would know for sure that you have edd.

Overall we were pleased with the deck and it performed as expected. It had the edge vs almost all lanni decks, with the advantage varying depending on the deck construction.

The lanni matchup is really quite simple - do you have the pieces to survive first snow? Because we built the deck to counter first snow as much as possible, we were comfortable playing against it - but it was always risky in case our early draw left us hopeless. Some games were decided simply on whether or not you had an aemon in hand after the redraw so you could play here to serve and dupe him for first snow. In all three of the losses Steve and I took from Lanni in the swiss, we didn't have the extra Aemon in hand.

We're happy to answer any questions, and we're looking forward to the 2017 tournament season! -Seth


HidaHayabusa 73

Congratulations on the finish.

A bit puzzled by the 3 Littlefingers. Is he really that essential in a deck with Ravens and two Coppers?

Manuel Cabezalí 446

Love the deck and the concept, congratulations!

DvM_BooM 57

Was the main idea behind "Hands Judgement" treachery? Or was it a meta call, expecting targ to make the cut?

DvM_BooM 57

Having said that, I realise who I am talking to... And you only put good cards in your deck, so... How much money were you saving....? What were your key targets for Judgement?

simoni 1

It was a massive hj meta, we probably should have had 3x. Treachery, dracarys, other hjs, nightmares, tears, put, trial by combat were all possible targets. And vipers eyes, arya's gift is pretty important to hit too.

Badeesh 28

Cool ideas. Thanks for posting!

Dydra 1471

Oh there is so much more that can go against Aemon than First Snow ... Ser Ilyn Payne combined ( or not ) with Treachery or Nightmares ...

Didn't Fortified Position backfire opening you to Milks on your No Attachment characters?

dockellis 840

Super clean list, well done.

adam_geek 468

True, 3x nightmares are important


Sweet deck man! Why no wildfire? I guess 3 vs 3 you will always have a worse board, but with coppers/ravens/littlefinger you refill faster generally.

Any changes with the Lanni box or after the event?

simoni 1

Thanks Yeezus. Yeah wildfire was tested a bunch and found that it didn't change the outcome as much as the other plots.