"Forecast: Freezing Rain" v1

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DC NW/Crossing ( Top 8 Worlds 2016) 30 24 11 1.0
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ChrisChris 489

See a discussion of the deck at Growing Strong, a Game of Thrones blog.


Joe From Cincinnati 1575

Definitely an interesting concept. I would think Halder would be extraordinarily valuable in this deck, to help get to the +5.

It's a shame Edd doesn't work with Rains. It would be perfect. I think, instead of Calm, Song of Summer would be a good thought, just to help in that same regard.

I'm curious to see how well it works :).

Dydra 1422

Why exactly is Dolorous Edd not working with Castamere?

Kisuro 1

Well, to put Dolorous Edd into play during a challenge you need to kneel your fction card and then to use "The Rains of Castamere" you need to kneel your faction card again. Looking at it this way, Edd does not work with Castmere.

Dydra 1422

Oh yeah, that is correct. Alwasy seem to forget that Castamere requieres a Faction Card kneel. =)

Antrim 195

Love the idea, just really hard to make it viable. I agree with @Joe From Cincinnati regarding Halder. Maybe Jon Snow (Core) makes sense in this kind of deck?

ChrisChris 489

I agree, @Joe From Cincinnati, that more Halder would be useful for pumping the intrigue win to 5 and is worth testing. My concern is there are only the five attachments I'd want him to kneel, at least on defense.

Regarding Jon Snow (Core), @Antrim. while his 4 strength on intrigue was as good as it got before Craster, he's still just too expensive, and doesn't do enough on defense.

An Old Bear's Raven might be an interesting inclusion since a few of the intrigue characters can take him and could provide that offensive push and a Halder kneel.