Tempo Jumpers: The Artist Formerly Known As Targ

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Jump Around - Winner 7-1 SC Brighton UK 30 18 22 1.0
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My Version of Tempo Jumpers (Pastimes Games SC Winner) 3 1 5 1.0

Vaapad 265

Decklist Note - Clash of Kings should be Valar Morghulis, which is not yet in the database.

I played this deck to second place at NYC's 2016 Red Saturday Tournament, a 42-player competitive field comprised of players from all over the Northeastern US (and some who traveled farther, including one as far as California!). Don't be deceived; I went 4-2 in Swiss, and I'm not marketing this deck as super OP/dominant. Although to be honest, while I consider myself a very good deck builder, I'm really not the best player ... so perhaps a better player would have won it all. What I will say, though, is that despite the Lannister faction card, the reactions I got from my opponents and spectators throughout the day led me to believe that this deck operates differently than most that have seen widespread play in 2.0 to date. Maybe it's innovative, maybe it's not; I'm out of touch enough with the meta that I can't really say. But at the end of the night, a number of people asked me to share the list, so here it is.

But you have to suffer through my wall of text. Mwuhahahahaha.

If you know anything about me from my 1.0 days, it's that I was a Targ player to the hilt. Why? Not the burn, as most people think ... at least not directly. It was the surprise factor. There is nothing more boring for me than marshaling cards, doing some math, then turning the big characters sideways to win challenges. I want a deck that's flexible and can adapt to what an opponent does, and that can leverage high-impact surprises to drastically change a board state. My ideal deck is tempo-control with the option for an aggressive push early if circumstances permit. So that's the theory upon which I built this deck; it was designed to play much like the Targ jumper decks of old that ran not heavy burn, but effects like Pyrophobia (my personal favorite 1.0 card) and King's Landing Assassin.

Here's the game plan. In most cases (say about 2/3 of the time), I would open with Trading. This was just as much to give myself some gold to work with as to give my opponent gold; I want to encourage him to play out his hand. I'd usually marshal one character -- Tywin or Tyrion if I had him -- but more important was to get Harrenhal (and ideally Tower) -- on the board. In challenges, you can go one of two ways: attack the board or attack the hand. You'll jump guys in using either harrenhal or hear me roar, win int, then Rains into either Wildfire or Wardens. If you go Wildfire, the goal is to then use some combination of TBC, Red Keep Spy, Queen's Assassin, and Mil claim to either wipe their board or get them down to 1 character. At that point you Marched or Famine next and keep up the pressure. Alternatively, If you can get them down to just a few cards in hand with Wardens, you can leave their board as is and just Valar round 2.

"But Dave," you ask, "How can I manage that without sometimes throwing away some good unique characters to Harrenhal or HMR?" Well, unless you have Tower, you can't. Repeat after me: Valar Morghulis, all men must die. You have Close Call to revive uniques, and you'll draw more guys to replace the ones you had to discard. Don't be afraid to chuck even a Tywin if it's going to permit you to pull off an aggressive opening. You may need to do this if your Trading gets hit with Naval Superiority. That hurts, but it's probably not game over if you had a decent setup.

If circumstances convince you to open differently (FSoW, Famine most likely), you can still be aggressive early with Hear Me Roar and some of the clansmen. But if you get caught in a grindy game, the deck has tons of tricks and answers to let you play the long game/come from behind. It's that kind of flexibility that I value in a deck. The trade off is that it has A LOT of moving pieces. To be honest, I was out of practice (hadn't really played in a year), and the deck outplayed me at times. Nonetheless, I like challenging myself to play decks like this because that makes me a better player, and it makes for a more enjoyable game.

Some final notes. I understand that a similar deck, though heavier on clansmen and with a very different plot deck, did very well at Stahleck. Darknoj pointed that out to me as soon as I showed this to him the day before this tourney, and I took that version for a spin to compare. Full disclosure, the Stahleck version is probably stronger, from a strictly "Jaime" perspective: it will win more games more decisicely, and it may even win more games period, on average. But I prefer my version for two reasons: 1) I have more tricks/power effects from hand, rather than on the board; and 2) relatedly, that makes it (imo) more fun to pilot.

Ok, card choices/things I'd change. I played Nightmares over Treachery bc it didn't require me to have a Lanni unique, it could blank Catelyn and Winterfell, and it could blank an Econ location in marshaling on a Famine/Fsow turn. But what owner me a few times was NML blowing up my Tower. So probably two Treacheries are in order, but keep 3x Nightmares. The other big choice was Confiscation vs Counting Coppers. I think counting is the right choice. While it sucks to have Tyrion milked, Tower can get it off, and if you Confiscate they may have another milk anyway. You probably just have to live with milk and make sure you can draw to keep your jumpers going. At that point you can go to 1x lannisport and free up at least that card slot. Finally, 3x Tower might be right. That card is just bonkers.

Finally, thanks as always to twn2dn for his everpeesent help on building and testing, and to Jon, Sean and Matt for helping me refine (and re-learn how to play this game!) on Friday night.

So that's my deck, and those are my thoughts. Please build it, play it, and have fun with it. Just promise me you'll imagine a dragon on our faction card rather than a lion :).


Vaapad 265

Again, Valar Morghulis should be in the plot deck rather than Clash of Kings. I see now that it is in the database, but I can't see a way to edit the published deck or delete it and re-post. Sorry about that -- you'll have to copy the deck and add Valar to your version in order to play it online I guess. Tech fail.

Beknirvana 184

So I have been mucking around with a similar deck, The only thing is that I cannot get away without running Building Orders as the opener (I wasn't running Famine, I trusted March/valar to be able to keep up the tempo after the opening turn.) Mostly because I could not get the deck working if I did not see the key locations for the deck. Did you ever not see Harrenhal (FFH) and if so, how did you get around that?

Pietroia 56

Just wondering why new cersei instead the old one? Isn't she better expecially with trial+wildfire combo? Nice deck meanwhile รท)

Vaapad 265

@Pietroia - new cersei can trigger rains by herself and is a good closer bc she can jump in to do int (and claim a power) and then a power challenge. I agree that core cersei's increased claim is better with TBC, but you don't need to clear their board with her alone. There is enough redundancy with the other kill/bounce effects plus your plot lineup. I felt there was greater value in having the Strohbehn close option.

Vaapad 265

@Beknirvana - the clansmen and 4 str ambush spies are sufficient to play a tempo game if you don't see harrenhal. I won both games on saturday in which I didn't see harrenhal at all. You Justin have to recognize that you're going to play a little differently. That's part of what I mean by flexibility - this deck has lots of ways to win.

Lannister 322

I guess that bringing into play a character using Harrenhall doesnt count as ambush right?

Serazu 1

Yeah, I can confirm Vaapad's soft spot for the "surprise factor". His greatest achievement back in the 1.0 days was his Targ Hollow Hill work of art which cleared the board almost each turn. Then, Ambush did its thing. I still consider it the best deck throughout 1.0's history. Gratz man for yet another strong performance, even if you betrayed the only house that matters :-D

euphius 257

`@Lannister no it does not.

Great deck. I was trying a version with Wildlings and Mance in place of LoCR Cercei as a fun deck last week. No Valar yet, which would have really helped. I love the concept since its so far from the normal and takes full advantage of the reset plots. Congrats on the great finish.

Maximus 100

Congrats on doing so well despite your attempts to be a noob and not play Dave! This is probably the closest to Targ KotHH that we can get right now so I don't think you need to be "formerly known as Targ" just yet. Did you consider running the new Tyrion in lieu of the core version for more clansmen synergy, or is that overkill in your mind?

Vaapad 265

@Maximus - I think you could rasily run the new Tyrion, and that would bring you even closer to the stahleck build. But he makes your tenuous setups worse, he's much harder to play mid-game, and he's a large let wasted investment if he gets milked. And while he can give you extra gold, it's a harder condition than simply initiating an int challenge. So that's why I stuck with the CS version.

Maximus 100

Makes sense, especially with all of the cost 4 ambush effects. Did you usually have more cards in hand than your opponent to be able to trigger them?

Vaapad 265

@Maximus - that's an important point. On Round 1, which is when those triggers are most important, yes. On the the strengths of this deck is the redundancy of the removal effects. After you Rains into Wildfire, you have to be able to remove one extra character of the remaining 3 before mil claim. That's either of the two spies, TBC, or tower - 11 cards do the job, so you'll have one. If a spy is what you have, you need to make sure you don't play too many cards in marshaling. This can mean holding a roseroad or reducer chud, you have to count.

Later in the game, I can trigger maybe 60% of the time. Much less reliable against tyrell.

Vaapad 265

@Serazu - thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. I agree that the 2013 KotHH was probably the strongest deck I built, but I have to say, nothing was more fun than the 2014 Black Sails deck I built with Istaril. A billion triggers, so much shenanigans, and just right in your face. That deck was fun as hell to play.

domse 124

I am a huge fan of your deck building ever since the 2013 deck. This one is refreshing, though I felt the urge to change quite a bit when I cloned it for me... Could you comment on some choices?

Vaapad 265

@domse I'm glad you like the deck.

  • No kevan bc I don't like actually paying for the big guys beyond Tyrion and Tywin. Gold is too valuable for challenge phase surprises. The interaction w/ locations is good, but super situational. I tested him and found he didn't pay off. And on top of all that, he can't trigger Rains by himself.

  • The biggest problem with Bronn is he gives your opponent a 5 str int icon to block your R1 Rains if you set him up, and you can't afford to get into a gold war over bronn early ... esp if you give your opponent 3 gold with trading.

  • Queen's assassin is probably better than RKS, but the key to the spy is that you get to choose. The best application of RKS is when your opponent has a chud and 1-2 big guys, and you do a mil challenge. They let it thru planing to kill the chud to claim, but after defenders you bounce the chud. Whoops. It's great on the Wildfire turn too, as they'll probably still have one smaller guy after the Wildfire ... so RKS is a redundant way to get one more character off the board.

  • Moon bros are great later in the game. R1 you need your rains trigger, but after that you kid the need to keep up the pressure. MB are great for that. I actually added the mini clansmen module just for them. Like better horseback archers from 1.0.

  • Lannisport, I go back and forth on. I love to set it up, but it can be hard to play later. Might be that it's unnecessary if you add counting coppers over confiscation.

  • I find riddle much better than meddling bc you see what plot is up. Copyjn coppers to get your more cards, building/summoning, condfiscation, marched, Valar ... there are a ton of high impact. Meddling certainly can be good, but riddle is often game changing.

Pietroia 56

Is not better sneak instead of wardens? To trigger trial and still menaceing to clear board? I player castamete a lot but not so often i've 2 gold to use for wardens I tried also to swap pentoshi into marching orders, it works fine what do u think about it? And not even a little 1x gregor? Not a single one ?with hmr or hnnl is so cool

Vaapad 265


  • Sneak attack won't let you do a mill challenge after, and with TBC you get no cards out of hand. So no, I don't think that's better.

  • the problem with marching orders is no events ... hard to give up that surprise. And also, giving your opponent extra gold is a benefit because you encourage your opponent to drain his hand.

  • I've had Gregor in and out. You could go to 1x timmet and 1x Gregor

Pietroia 56

No event on marching till u trigger castamere, but u give oppo no money, i think giving 3 free gold is dangerous in every matchup

Vaapad 265

@Pietroia - you are right that you can play events after you trigger Rains, but the flip side is not being able to play Nightmares or HMR in order to be able to trigger Rains. I'd rather give my opponent cash than handicap myself. But you, of course, are free to disagree.

Crabshack101 7

Am I missing something? Why is the deck only 51 cards? I know Harrelhall isn't in the version I am seeing but what else is missing? Help I would like to try this deck out at an SC!

Kakita_Shiro 548

Check your settings to make sure you have all the chapter packs and expansions available. The deck is 60 cards.

Crabshack101 7

@Kakita_Shiro Thanks!!

Baronerosso 155

HI Vaapad. I think this is most interesting lannister deck i've seen on 2.0. I have some questions Have you problem with economy with 2 2-golds plot? Are you sure abour clansmen have thinking to kevan and some knight for daring rescue?( synergic in this deck) Kevan is good also for we do not sow or similar. How you find with valar morghulis? . Thank you!

Praetorian1011 43

This is an awesome deck thanks. Ran it twice against a deadly stark fealty direwolf deck and drew it out to 9 rounds before getting beaten through running out of draw. Agree the econnomy was very hard despite seeing 2 kingsroads and tyrion. my spys and assassins didnt go off cause he had equal cards to me from gates and snow plus valour. Also needed clansmen for defence but they only go in on attack. In the end his 4 x 2 claim plots in a row finished me plus winterfell stopping tower etc. will try more though with some tweaks.

Vaapad 265

@Baronerosso Daring rescue is an interesting card that I had not considered. You could try lifting the clansman module for a knight module, but what you lozenges is some mid/late game surprise and aggression. It would also be hard to add more events on top of treachery, which I'm convinced the deck needs at 2x.

As I said above about Kevan, his trigger is very scenario specific and unreliable, and he's expensive to boot. So I'm not a huge Kevan fan.

Valar is great, especially offensively. If they play out most of their hand early and don't have dupes, you can Rains into Wardens, clear their hand then Valar round 2. That's almost a guaranteed win, as they'll have no hand and no board, while you still have a hand.

Vaapad 265

@Praetorian1011 - I played the stark matchup many times in testing, and my finding was that it almost always goes 8-10 plots and ends up being basically a 50/50 based on who draws better at the end of the game. Assuming no major mistakes on either side. Treachery will help. I think the key play against start is cancelling Summer and Arya's reactions. That's what permits Stark to rebound so well and remain resilient after even multiple board wipes.

Crabshack101 7

What do you suggest taking out for the Treachery?

Vaapad 265

@Crabshack101 Having not tested at all, I can only speculate. My first try would be at least one lannisport, potentially both. Maybe 1x timmet, or the mountains of the moon. Those are the most bubblish cards for me.

Baronerosso 155

You are right, knight is less aggressive than clansmen, but it's more tricky i guess. Thank you for advice

theon greyjoy 1

very good deck !!!! i am wondering without characters in board didnt you lack at power challenge? and when the combo didnt come are you willing to compete with your oponntent?

Dembers 1

i like the deck, but i tested a couple of times and 3 rks and 3 qa it's too much i don't have too much instances to use them always have few cards than opponent when i don't have Harrenhal (FFH) or Tower of the Hand in play