Whores and bastards (Moscow 2017 Q1 1st place, 21 players)

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MaxSnow 278

1) Lannister Fealty WIN 2) Targ Lion WIN 3) Martell Stag WIN 4) Tyrell Lotc WIN 5) Greyjoy The Rains of Castamere WIN


oulala 1

Congratulation for your performance, just wondering how you can play consistently nymeria without attachement removal ? Milk of poppy IS still really present

Diplo63 50

Hi, Can you confirm that The Dragon's Tail is played to be combined with Heads on Spikes ?

euphius 257

It is also played to feed Queen Cersei Diplo. I run a similar deck and the biggest stall you can get is when you run your opponent out of cards. Dragon's Tail can be played during your challenges phase so they are less likely to be able to use the cards prior to you hitting them with your intrigue challenges, thereby triggering Cersei's power gain even if they previously had an empty hand.

Buster_NL 1

Or play it to do Heads on spikes again with Tyrion's chain.

Badeesh 28

Heads on Spikes has always been an auto-include in my Martell builds. I love this. If you get a chance, can you please talk through some of the thinking behind Harmen Uller?

MaxSnow 278

@oulalai didn't see Milk of the Poppy in all 5 games. Also in test games my opponents had very hard choise with milk, when i have Tyrion Lannister (Core), Nymeria Sand, Tywin Lannister (Core) and Cersei Lannister (LoCR) in play. All these characters are threat, and opponents need luck and all 3 Milks to stop me. @Diplo63I use The Dragon's Tail, when opponents have empty hand or when i can play 1-2 His Viper Eyes. On tournament this card helped me win against Lanni Fealty and Tyrell Crossing. @Badeesh I played Harmen Uller only in my last game against Greyjoy and used to close the game with renown. In other games i hadn't gold for him. In some test games i was able to combine him with Tyrion Lannister (Core) and other Sand Snakes. So i think he is more fun cards than really necessary character for this deck.