Targaryen Annals of Castle Black - European Championships

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Stormborn 301

This is the deck I built and took to the European Championship in the UK.

It's derivative of the successful kill Targaryen decks but with my own twist - The Annals of Castle Black. Counting Coppers x 2 really helps you see your events.

I tried Littlefinger's Meddling and "The Dornishman's Wife" but I felt I'd rather have the flexibility of a high gold plot and 3 more impactful events.

Plot changes I would consider would be Time of Plenty, Blood of the Dragon and Barring the Gates which is good against Stark and Lannister.

It went 6-3 at Euros finishing 20th out of 156 missing out on the cut by SoS (as most people who were 6-3 did).

It lost to Stark twice (who both saw Bran and Winterfell T1) and to Lannister Rains who had 2 HJ in his hand T1.

As always, comments welcome.


Stathis 1

No Crown?

Stormborn 301

@Stathis. It's a deck focused on playing events, you can't afford to play it in the first 2 turns anyhow if you open Counting for the first 2 plots. Plus I can get that superior feeling of not playing Crown in a competitive tournament.

MadSirian 1

Thumbs up for not playing crown!

Amoon 1

Great performance and solid twist on what's considered a solved deck! Should have put Crosse Keys in the title ;P

Fruggles 101

why not tourney grounds?

Stormborn 301

@Fruggles good call. This is the deck you would play them in.

@Amoon next time :-)

iaan 17

What would you cut for Astapor/Grey Worm?

Stormborn 301

@iaan Nothing. I didn't put them in when I could, see: thronesdb.com

I like Grey Worm and Astapor but I'd rather build a deck from scratch with those 2 cards. Plots and build would be very different: Rains and/or hyper burn.