The King Joffrey's justice! 2nd place regional Genova (46 pl

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remancino 274

Also take the best lannister and 2nd place in swiss at regional Bologna(65 players) whit this deck.

The idea of this deck is arrived when i saw Joffrey Baratheon (GoH) and i think "This is a bomb card! Why the hell it isn't played?". So i start building..

The strategy of the deck isn't very original in particular, you play big guys 6-cost higher then they do all the work. Building is focused around the 6-cost, i cut all 3 / 4 and 5 cost character whit the exception of littlefinger(for draw) and the houd(because is strong). Real surprise of deck is, like the title, king Joffrey. Two words about this card:

  • He is strong. Really really strong. Many times i have him and Tywin Lannister (Core) in hand and prefer to put him in play, and then play the grandpa to trigger him again. People usually don't expect a direct kill in marshaling, so a 6-or-less gold cost character without dupes or something to protect is really easy to find.
  • Never setup him. NEVER! If you have him a roseroad and a chud setup chud and roseroad but please not setup him(of course with that hand you must take mulligan).
  • After you play and trigger him, if you don't have any loyal card for trigger next turn, well... kill him for claim(then bring him to life with Close Call and use it again), march him to the wall(come on, he deserves this), jump him in your hand with Daring Rescue, don't save him with Iron Mines when valar come out,well do whatewer you want, he's pretty useless if you can't trigger his fu****g reaction. Usually i even not dupe him unless i'm forced. I prefer to take the copy in my hand so if he leaves the board i can still use him agaim.

The kraken banner is, of course, for mines, but even for location control with Lordsport Shipwright and Sea Bitch. This,combined with Treachery and Nightmares usually give you a good control of the board.

This deck is also called by my friends "how f**k you play Joffrey". Of course if you don't see Tywin and no location you can have problem to marshal all this big guys, but i don't have this kind of problem often(or, not as often as you can think). Try it and feel free to ask any question!


Alice@WL 49


Mario57 119

Congrats for your results, Simone, and thanks for sharing with us another awesome deck!

I love king Joffrey too and since great halls came out he became more than playable <3

NerferNazgul 226

awsome deck!! you really deserve to win that regional

Norua 25


akenathon80 1

Great deck! great deckbuilder as usual team toscana rulez , only the dirty work from the stalker craster Norua stopped your run to the glory! i hope that our salt totem maverick will protect you forever.......

NerferNazgul 226


Dembers 1

why not loyal chars like Grand Maester Pycelle or Janos Slynt?

remancino 274

@Dembers I tried them in 1x in first run of the deck but they have less impact than i guess, even with Joffrey out. Also, they are non-friendly setup cards for the deck, with all these 6-or-more gold cost characters i play. I don't know for real how they can perform because i switch them really fast for Littlefinger and The Hound. If you try to change then let me know how it works!

And thanks to @Alice@WL @Mario57 @akenathon80 and @NerferNazgul for their support. Really appreciate it ;)

Beknirvana 184

This is why I love deck sharing because I was really curious about how to make a King Joffrey deck work. You mentioned the strategy of killing him then bringing him back. Did you get any use out of that particular tactic or was it a thought experiment?

Lannister 21

What about using more daring rescue? Perhaps instead of seal of the hand? Getting to use him several times could be a bomb

Cyggie 2

Cool deck! I wonder with the new Spears of the Merling Kingme a similar deck could be made with house Baratheon?

Cyggie 2

I mean Banner Stag.

Cyggie 2

Egad... ignore me. Spears of the Merling King is loyal too.

remancino 274

@Beknirvanathanks for asking! It started as an experiment but i see it work very well and now is the strategy of deck. As i said if i'm not forced(or if i have other loyal card in hand) i never dupe him so i have always an opportunity to trigger him when he leaves play . Unfortunately lannister are nor stark so loyal card with big cost are rare. Try, you Will see with tour era ;)

@Lannisteri running 2x some time ago of that but as you see i have only 2 knights(and even not so cheap to play) so i have fear to run more than 1x. With another deck construction i Think that Will work.

Jools 1

How about Ser Kevan Lannister? Looks like he would fit perfeclty in this deck (6-cost and The Kingsroad/Seal of the Hand returner).

remancino 274

@Joolsand also another knight for Daring Rescue it's true...if he was loyal for sure he get a 3x in this deck but sadly he's not...honestly i don't know what i can drop for him,maybe a copy of Ser Ilyn Payne? What do you suggest?

Alexzeskavenger 1

I train this deck a bit cause i'll use it for my own regionals. Surprinsingly (cause the technic is extremely particular) it works well for now. Anyway thanks to post decks like this one, with new ideas, and with Lannisters X). I'll let a comment for my results.

remancino 274

@Alexzeskavengerhope you will obtain results with this deck. Good luck and tell me how Joffrey's justice works in your meta!

Beknirvana 184

@remancinoI would drop a copy or 2 of Ser Ilyn Payne. Unless there are a low cost guys you need to kill to make your opponent eat claim.

Campeur 1

Your deck looks like a UFO at first glance. I tried it. I love it, i love it, i love it