Rain of clansmen 2.2 - Fracas Top 4

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Paku 526

Here is my latest version of clansmen which I pilot to top4 at Fracas.

There isn't much place for change right now, you can change Nightmares/Fever Dreams for The Hand's Judgment/Put to the Torch depending on meta, but I think Nightmares/Fever Dreams are still best choices here.

I decide to not use Confiscation and use Close Call instead and it was really great decision. In most games there was no attachments or so many of them, that Confiscation will make no difference and Close Call was super useful for gold/draw/bringing back guys.


servetz 30

Congrats for your result! What about exclude Shagga Son of Dolf and not use Attack From the Mountains? Is The Red Wedding useful?

Jools 46

I have played versus this deck at top8 game at Fracas and Paku military claimed me for 5 in first round. GG&WP. Brutal deck if you dont have answers to it.

Paku 526

Shagga Son of Dolf is weakest of them all. Prefer Stone Crows over him always :D There is no place for Attack From the Mountains anymore :( The Red Wedding is situational, but when you can use it it is great. In this deck there are games when you are not using "The Rains of Castamere" whole game so you can play situational plot there :)

The Rock 1

All hail Paku! The king of Clansmen! ^^

Lance2983 72

I like your deck so much I'm going to give it a try. My friend has played your previous versions and they were awesome. I don't netdeck often but this has everything I want..

My meta does have a bit of Craven and milks getting tossed around. I was wondering what you would take out to fit in 2 Rattleshirts Raiders? Or possibly a Confiscation.

iaan 17

Looks cool! Why did you choose to only play two Harrenhal/Tower? And how usefull was The Hands Solar?

Paku 526

@Lance2983I would never put Rattleshirt's Raiders in this deck. I don't like playing bad cards :) Attachments are not so big problem, especially when you can remove them with Tower of the Hand. I got hit by 3 milk during one game and still win without problem, but if you really think you need Confiscation you can put it instead of Close Call

@iaanHarrenhal needs tower/hound/tyrion to be really great, so it is good enough for 2 copies but it is not most important strategy here so no 3 copies. And Tower without Harrenhall is not really that great ;) Both are good cards but not most important. The Hand's Solar is here instead of third Mountains of the Moon and it is really great. Sure it cost one more and works once per turn, but it works on guys you played turn before or on Mountain.

Lannister 369

Congrats mate! Attachments can be a problem against Frozen Solid maybe? What about the Hound? Just x1? Thanks!

Lannister 369

And last question, you weren't afraid of losing the locations by We do not sow? Or they are not that important on this deck?

Paku 526

@Lannister It's good to have locations on board but they are not "must have on board". It's not so easy to trigger We Do Not Sow especially when your characters are dead :D I get hit by it but it wasn't really painful. As long as you keep pressure We Do Not Sow is really not a problem. In my games there were situation when I need to discard cards with reserve and The Hound was most often choice for it. Sure he is great with Harrenhal (FFH) and overall if you have money bouncing him can be silly, but I have too much other ways to use money so most time I don't even want to play him ;)

Ohhomycoco 1

Great deck. Could you give some advice on how to pilot ? I find unless I get tyrion and harrenhal out it falls apart a bit. What's a typical opening plot wise / setup wise ?

Lannister 369

Hey Paku, have you ever thought about using flea bottom with a clansman deck? The most of the dudes are reusable and with mountains of the moon... sounds like fun