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BTrain 120

There are two ways to grow: tall or wide. This decks grows wide.

It's packed with low-cost characters, and high-money plots for you to start immediately flooding the board with bodies. Given that we're running Tyrell here, and running it for cheap, you'll find yourself quickly able to press the intrigue game, leaving your opponent struggling to keep up with the flood of characters you're getting into play (and then beefing up with Margaery) and leaving you to dictate the pace of the game.

On the turn you expect Wildfire (and your opponent might very well panic and try to pull a turn 2 Wildfire after a strong opening with 5 or 6 characters), play Marched To The Wall. You'll win the initiative and can trigger your plot first, potentially netting you a body on their side if they play it with 3 characters on the board.


Alsciende 107

You could play more or less the same Tyrell suite in a Banner of the Rose Lannister deck, with Casterly Rock, Cersei Lannister, Lannisport and Grand Maester Pycelle to complement your swarm.

BTrain 120

@Alsciende You make a great point, and that's actually why I tweaked this deck. Version 2 is a few minutes away from being published.

And since I have you here, a huge shoutout for the awesome work you're continuing to do with Netrunner and ThronesDB. You da man :)

Gunit 3

I'm kind of curious why not run the deck the other way. Your only loyal cards are The Queen of Thorns and Highgarden. Flip it around and you could bring in draw power (Messenger Raven, Samwell Tarly) and extra econ (A Meager Contribution, Old Forest Hunter) while still keeping the general theme.