House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Location. Cost: 2.

The North.

Shadow (1).

Action: Kneel and return Skagos to shadows and sacrifice a standing card to search your deck for a card with the same title as the sacrificed card and put it into play knelt. Shuffle your deck.

Juan Carlos Barquet
Redesigns #25.

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Rules FAQ

  • Sacrificing a card is a cost, so any reactions to this cost being paid need to be triggered before the new card is put into play. For instance, if you use Skagos to put Robb Stark (Core), Catelyn Stark (WotN), or Wyman Manderly into play, it is too late to trigger their reaction.

  • You can use Skagos to sacrifice Ward, return control of attached character, find another Ward, and take control of another character. If you do this during a challenge, any characters that change control are removed from the challenge.

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