House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 4.


Unique character with printed cost 4 or lower only. Terminal.

Take control of attached character.

Attached character gains prized 1 (prized 2 instead if attached character's printed cost is 3 or higher).

Khasis Lieb
Redesigns #26.

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Rules FAQ

  • If Ward leaves play, becomes unattached, or gets blanked, its constant ability ceases to apply, and control of the character reverts back to its previous owner (unless another "take control" effect is in force).

  • Taking control of a card does NOT give you control of its attachments or duplicates. They remain attached, but you do not control them. They still provide their passive effects to the attached character (like Widow's Wail), but you cannot use their triggered abilities (like Ice). You cannot use a duplicate to save the Warded character, but that duplicate‚Äôs owner can.

  • You cannot take control of a unique character if you already control a copy of that character, or if there is a copy of it in your dead pile. You can still attach Ward though, just to give that character prized. If Ward is already attached and a situation arises where you can legally take control of attached character (such as Close Call removing another copy of that character from the dead pile), you get control of the character immediately.

  • While you control another player's unique card, that player cannot marshal or put into play another copy of that card. Neither player can bring a copy of that card into play as a duplicate. (See Duplicates.)

  • Unlike the original version of the card, this one can only be attached to a unique character. It also does not grant attached character the affiliation.

  • Prized resolves automatically when attached character leaves play, after any interrupts and before any reactions to that character leaving play. If attached character is Viserys Targaryen (Core), you can trigger him to discard Ward before he leaves play, thus avoiding giving any power away for the prized keyword. In this scenario, control of Viserys momentarily reverts back to its owner before he leaves play, so you cannot then also trigger a reaction such as Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) (but your opponent could).

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