House Baratheon. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 1.


Unique character only.

If attached character is Salladhor Saan, he gains the Commander trait and renown.

Reaction: After you lose initiative, return a Captain or Smuggler character to your hand to choose and kneel 1 character and 1 location, each with lower printed cost.

Nacho Molina
As High as Honor #2.

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Prince of the Narrow Sea

Rules FAQ

  • You only compare initiative when revealing new plots in the plot phase. That step is skipped when a player reveals a new plot with "The Rains of Castamere" or Battle of the Trident, so the reaction cannot be triggered at that time.

  • If the initiative values are tied, you must first break that tie to determine who wins and loses initiative. In a melee game, you still lose initiative even if some of the other "losing" players have a lower initiative value than you.

  • The reaction is triggered immediately after you lose initiative, before choosing a new first player, and well before resolving any When Revealed abilities. That means you can return a character to your hand before it is affected by a plot like Valar Morghulis (but not before it is affected by a plot like Blood of the Dragon).

  • Attached character itself may be returned to hand to pay the cost of the ability. The attachment will return to hand at the same time, but the effect will still resolve.

  • You must be able to choose both a character and a location in order to trigger the reaction (you are allowed to choose among your own cards as well). If you cannot choose two valid targets, you cannot return a character to hand even if that would benefit you.

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