Targaryen Tokar Party - Battles at Summerhall finalist (31 p

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Stormborn 301

This is the deck I took to the Battles at Summerhall tournament held in Aldershot, UK and ran by Martin Lewis:


Check out one the White Walker you tube channel for games at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jiMBKwUMyU

As soon as Tokar was spoilt, I knew I had to build deck with this as it's lynchpin. The card given the worse possible rating by the esteemed CardGameDB reviews and described as "terrible, terrible" by the White Book podcast but what do they know ;-)

I played about 25 games with Tokar proxied before the HoT box was released so I was able to develop and optimise my deck.

The aim of the game is to get Dany or Drogo and Voltron them up as soon as possible. I muliganed decent 5 card set-ups if it didn't have my Voltran.

Supporting the Faith is my control plot with allows me to ignore Fleabottom, Nightmares, We Do Not Sow, ambush etc while I can threaten Dracarys! It provides 6 gold as well and the low reserve isn't so much of an issue from turn 2.

Unexpected Delay can work really well but sometimes is a dead plot. In 2 games, I played it turn 1 and it pretty much was gg from that point.

Ser Barristan Selmy (LoCR) was key against Kevin's Martell Wolf deck who had Ghaston Grey in play during both games - Kevin drew lots of cards in our games so Barristan was alway able to win 3 challenges on offence while my Voltron sat back.

Irri was awesome too.

My Most Valuable Card was Tokar off course. I faced a fair few Confiscations and they generally chose a Tokar, leaving Seal of the Hand and Bodyguards behind, my Warrior's Braid was confiscated once as well. I got Khal Drogo to 10 STR in a few games and got Dany to 11 STR in one game. I never achieved the dream of having 2 Tokars on a character.

As a Targaryen Loyalist, I really struggle to play against Stark. Catelyn, Bran, Robb and Winterfell screw my plans over and Eddard can get 2 challenges in when Jon Snow is about which is really brutal. I faced of against Dan Williams Stark Fealty for the King of Swiss title and again in the final.

In the final, I knew 6 of Dan's plots so I felt I had a chance Unfortunately, I made some bad plays and Dan took it. All credit to Dan for going undefeated and having the stamina to play really well all day.

A big shout out to the London Crosse Keys Meta for letting me proxy Tokar in our regular casual games!


Amoon 1

Congrats taking an unusual build and piloting it well throughout the day! Great performance. Anything new you learned about the deck?

Stormborn 301

Thanks Amoon. The deck played pretty much as expected. When it sets up well, it can roll over an opponent. When you get a slow start, it can be tough to get into the game. Stark are still horrible to play against. Would have been great to have another control plot (Fortified, Fogotten Plans, Barring) or to play one of the new plots but it’s hard to replace one of the seven I started with.

ixwt 161

Why no Faceless Man? Would be a nice backup plan in the case of Danny dying, and potentially grabbing a keyword in some cases.

Stormborn 301

Hi ixwt. There was a copy in the deck but I cut it. I wanted make sure I was in a good position from the start whereas Faceless Man is great late game. With the bodyguards, dups and Belawas, my Voltron should be surviving. It would be good to get an extra dragon trait into play but an extra Fire and Blood should achieve the same.

Reader 137

I enjoyed watching you run this. Thank you for making it down.

If it wasn't for those pesky Wolf cards!!!

For full results and standings for Battles at Summerhall, check out Jousting Pavilion thejoustingpavilion.com

zack 126

Nice experiment!, as a fellow Targaryen Loyalist I'm looking forward to give it a try too :-)

I'm a bit surprised in seeing only Viserys Targaryen (Core) as attachment hate in the deck. Has him been enough to avoid Milk of the Poppy, Craven, or Marriage Pact on your Voltron of the day? It seems tough, as you don't even have any way to remove it from the game yourself, except Valar Morghulis.

Stormborn 301

I’m not seeing many negative attachments in the meta since The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due came out. That might change with the box. Waking the Dragon and Military Claim can be used with Viserys too.

zack 126

Ah, good point about Waking the Dragon (I didn't consider military claim cause that doesn't entirely depend on you though).

Thanks for your answer!

OKTarg 27

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Well done.

Stormborn 301

Thanks OKTarg.

Desdenova 9

I really like this deck. After House of Thorns, do you think any changes are in order? I find that if I lose Dany and/or Drogon, things go downhill really quickly.

Stormborn 301

Honestly, this deck struggles if it is far behind. Valar Dohaeris will help a lot. I’ve taken out a couple of the more “Win More” attachments and put some more impactful characters in and that seems to improve the deck a bit.

Desdenova 9

Would you mind sharing your changes?

Serazu 1

Yeah. Valar Dohaeris screams "Targaryen!" I consider it the Dragon's revenge after the First Snow disaster imposed upon it.

Stormborn 301

@Desdenova +2 Selmy, +1 Irri, -1 Appointed, -1 Arakh, -1 MoD.

@Serazu. Absolutely! We will take our revenge with fire and blood.