The World Top 16, 7-1 Swizz round. Best Tyrell

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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
"The Last of the Resets" - 2nd in little Catalan tournament 3 2 0 1.0
"Raining Giants" - 3rd and Best Tyrell Friendly Op 0204 4 2 1 1.0

adam_geek 462

I cant remember the detail of the games in tournament. But I would say this deck is incredible.


adam_geek 462

Please tell me if you have any questions to the deck. I would say this deck is hard to play, requiring loads of practice.

thehumanh 281

Great stuff here, congrats on the top 16/fantastic Swiss run. Always love to see the much under utilized Elinor Tyrell make an appearance. Would you envision Redwyne Straits replacing The Arbor? And with so few ladies overall, would you swap out the 3x Lady-in-Waiting for anything else?

adam_geek 462

lady-in-waiting is mainly for Marg. It shouldn't be viewed as a way to protect ladies in a lady deck but a free body guard for marg in this deck.

adam_geek 462

@thehumanhand I guess the straits cant completely replace the arbor but could replace one or two arbor or other limiteds

bloody9 1

@adam_geekwith HoT coming out, are you adding the new Mace Tyrell and/or any other cards to this going forward?

kaikou 717

Congratulations Rosebro, you were definetively the best tyrell in the world (as we could see in the hotel's reception xD).

This deck is not for none, the pilot is esential for choosing the right decition to deal with every situations (Damn you "The Last of the Giants"+Rattleshirt's Raiders+"Lord Renly's Ride" combo!)

The next year we will hopefuly met in sthaleck again friend. Thank for sharing your knowledge and your time with me this weekend.


Reim 853

Incredible Player. I am proud that I could won 1 Game out of 5 or 6 against you ;)

Reim 853

Incredible Player. I am proud that I could won 1 Game out of 5 or 6 against you ;)

adam_geek 462

@Reimthx for the praise from the King

adam_geek 462

@kaikouyou are a definitely strong player as well. Guys in Guangzhou likes your play and decks so much. See you next year. Rosabro forever

iaan 17

Strong showing! What happened in the TOP 16 game against WW?

argento 644

hi,it's yannick ! very nice deck my friend , many draw, many eco and options ! it was so cool to meet u and thx for the sunday night football u share ( # joe senser's !)

Nimer 2752

Well done Adam! We are so proud that you joined Team Yurop. Keep going, I was really impressed by your skill. ;)

gabi4008 415

A beast of a deck piloted by an icredible good was a pleasure to play against you adam!i hope we will meet us next year for some battles. Well done!