SJthrones Live Deckbuild: That's So Craven

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linkingverbs 191

For our 2nd Live Build we chose to try out a NW Wolf with some of the new cards. Not really reinventing the wheel here, but we did want to build with an emphasis on Maester Claim-on (full credit for that nickname goes to Mr. Andrew Kim who used it in stream chat, and clarified it’s from Wausau (ty Wausau)).

Stream Archive Here:

Ideally, we reduce the opponents board with Coldhands, Recruiter, Mutiny, Ramsay, Ward, and HoBaW and MarchedWall/Breaking Ties. (Spelling this all out makes me realize how brutal that is.)

Then, we can get the most out of effects like Craven (x2 prob a mistake, right???) and Mole's Town to fuel Claim-on.

The plots may need a 2nd look as turn 1 with this current lineup may be a little awkward. Breaking Ties is pretty wild in this deck with all the low cost loyals, plus another way to get Yoren off the board to trigger again.

My initial thought about Breaking Ties is that it can possibly replace a 2nd Marched. It was fine having both in streamed game and it's probably the right call.

Posting the list for those who watched and built along with us. Any feedback would be recommended! We will revisit this deck on a future stream.


tejastrails 1

Any thoughts about switching Mole's Town for Bridge of Skulls and going up to a third Craven? Ideally you'll either be using their own characters as claim soak or limiting their options in hand. Probably a bad suggestion, but just a thought I had.

Kakita_Shiro 743

Claim-eon came from Wausau.

linkingverbs 191

@tejastrailsI don't think Bridge of Skulls is a bad include and it's worth a try. I'd still like to get more games in with Mole's Town - but Take the Black is very cuttable. I would like to fit in a 3rd Craven.

@Kakita_ShiroFixed! (Still glad you brought that gem to my attention, though.)

gramyotron 13

Big Aemon works much better with Martells. UUU event on claim two is serious hit. Plus taking icons and FB tricks looks more solid than hoping to Ward or Ramsay something crucial.

Kakita_Shiro 743

@gramyotronI guess its a good thing that Claim-on is Loyal, then.

Kakita_Shiro 743

Oh no wait, the icon stripping stuff and Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken aren't...