Stark Murder Doggies - Top4 Dockside Brothel Days 2018

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dom 341

This is the deck brought to the Dock Side Brothel Days and finished quite deep in a large, diverse and strong field. I lot of people liked it, so here´s the list.

My matchups can be found here:

Semifinal was Bo3, where I went 1:2 against Wilco, the later champion.

I got quite unlucky by finishing 9th after Swiss even tough I had the tied best SoS (beaten by ESoS by the 8th), but then got lucky that Erik dropped.

Some games I won in a sweep (against Targ Wtc, Martell Wtc in QF, Tyrell Wtc & Tyrell KoS in SF). In these matches I had the board on lockdown early.

All the games I lost were really really close. I came to 10+ power in all of them, so no match felt completely hopeless. With some tweaks (and better piloting ;)) I think this deck has even more potential.

Best card was Breaking Ties with Robb Stark. Also Bran Stark can create awesome turns. Greatjon is a beast.

I am thinking about adding Milk of the Poppy & Put to the Torch and removing Winterfell & Last Hearth. Also the new plot You Win Or You Die makes a lot of sense (maybe cut Summons). Furthermore adding more loyal characters seems like a good idea (e.g. 2nd Hodor).

Thanks to all people who attended and organized the event. I had a blast.

Congratulations to the winner and all the finalists!


celric 312

I've found the Breaking Ties turn is most brutal when you can use a character, sacrifice it, Flea Bottom the character back into play, use it again, then sacrifice it again. Very strong with your cheap loyals: Hodor, Sansa, Bran, Summer. I'd make room for 2x on that if you are cutting 1x Winterfell and Last Hearth.

Do you have enough extra money to run The Great Sept of Baelor? Better than Nightmares since it blanks them the whole round instead of 1 phase, but more expensive. It's a nice complement to Milk if you have a high chance to kill that character before the next turn anyway also a great counter for comes into play abilities.

celric 312

Oh, and congrats on a great tourney!

King Nothing 1

Congratulations to your result!

I still see more and more stark fealty/wolve decks. Good to see them in the upper field.

Didn't you had troubles with card draw against intrigue challenges? Or are you killing opponents board that fast and so it doesn't matters? :-)

I would only cut one last hearth and one winterfell. Maybe I would include some more 2 or 3 coast characters for setup.

If you cut summons your only opener would be besieged. Maybe not that good every time. But it's a must have plot with taste for flesh. I like your build!

King Nothing 1

@celric Great Sept sounds nice but for the full impact it's a 5 gold neutral location. Very expansive for Stark and you can only target characters. Nightmares is more flexible.

SergSel 1


I see the plots are not high econ, 6 plots with 4 gold or less -did you not have econ shortage sometimes. It is also very interesting, how the match-ups with Targ and Martell turned out. Targs like to burn everything and since there is no Core Bran negating events could be a problem or no? Maybe The Pack Survives is worth considering then. And Martell like icon-stripping and pushing back out of challenges, since wolves are mainly monocons - did you have problems with it?

dom 341

Targ Burn is a tough one, that´s true. It is the reason I included Winterfell. The new Bran shines as he is loyal and old Bran dies to new Daeny too easily.

For the Pack Survives, I wish the Pups were loyal, then it would be a no- brainer to include, but I will test this card, too. Haven´t done so yet.

I am currently experimenting with FB, because as we all know, this is the most broken card in existence :] Great results so far. Keep the cheap Loyal Stark cards coming!

Beknirvana 184

Just curious how Lady faired in your testing? Strengh buff that can trigger Taste For Flesh. Seems to be an auto include for any Stark deck I build.