Targ Wars to Burn - Top 4 War of the Night King (73 players)

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Not going to write much.

Basic plan is to burn the small guys and use Marched to the Wall, Duel and Valar Dohaeris to keep the big guys in check.

I am an old AGoT ccg/lcg Player, but I am new to AGoT 2nd Edition, so I didn't know a lot of the Cards opponents where playing and the deck could have been better.

Economy needs some work as I had trouble getting chars in the dead pile and the deck really needs Valar Morghulis. Maybe I will post an updated list once I improved it.

Thanks to Reinhard Schefcik for comparing notes with me and go through some last minute changes (Shadowblack Lane and Isle of Ravens) before the tournament and Gabriel Ranner for driving us all the way to the tournament from Vienna and back on the same day.


Reim 761

Congratulations for your good result. It is impressive that you get so far with "little" experience. Your deck is very strong. As you wrote before, Valar is needed. Especially to use Slavers Bay optimally.

Pao 24

Naw VM isn't as needed for this deck these days. Blood of the Dragon works just as well if not better as they can't save.

Diomedes 2648

In our Top 4 match, Valar Morghulis would have been really helpful for you. I discarded a dupe from Randyll Tarly for claim confident I could win, but then a Nightmares stopped me at 14 power. I expected Valar next round which would have been disastrous for me. Well, you played Valar, but it was Dohaeris :P

Long story short: , especially The Wars To Come, should run Valar Morghulis. :)