Control First, Control Hard, No Mercy.Vignola Regional (4-2)

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LittlePigna 62

Hi everyone! This is the list that i played at the Vignola's Tournament and i ended up at 12th place (4-2). The idea behind this deck is pretty simple: control. A lot of control; starting from locations, mainly Flea Bottom using Seized by the Guard but also all the triggered effects (Begging Brother and Nightmares) and characters (Rhllor Pack and, obviously, double Forced March, but also Milk of the Poppyand The Withering Cold).

Here it is a short tournament report:

-Win vs Tyrell Wars:My hard control with Forced March against his characters and the combo Robert Baratheon+Ser Justin Massey made me reach an easy win. -Loss vs Targ Wars: When you CAN'T control Flea Bottom, this happens. Easy win for my opponent. NICOLA, STOP PLAYING THAT HOUSE, PLEASE!! ;) -Win vs Targ Wars: When you CAN control Flea, this happens instead. #op #plznerf #restricted -Win vs Bara Rose (Knights): This game was very similar to the first one; but in this one i also used the Stannis Lock, so it was even easier to win that game. -Win vs Targ Red door (The Skahazadhan): During this game, i know that i couldn't win but fortunately the topdeck The Iron Throne+Chamber of the Painted Table helped me a lot. This Targ was a ''BURN 'EM ALL'' deck and it was a very difficult game that ended 9 vs 8. -Loss vs Martell Wars: This game... I don't know what to say. One of the toughest match that i ever play against a real pro. Just a question: GERRIS DRINKWATER HAS RENOWN?? WHO IS THIS GUY?? 14 vs 13 on the last plot. GG man!

And now some choiches for my deckbuilding:

Exchange of Information i had a lot of doubts for this card but when the tounament started, i understood that is a great plot and helped me a lot.

Begging Brother: as i was saying before, this character helped me a lot, blocking very important triggered effect for example Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) that i met during all my matches against Targ.

Shadow Priestess: a little difficult to play, but very effective. For my italian friends: è un sasso allucinante, ma qualcuno dovrà pur giocarlo! ;)

Dragonstone Castle: i was thinking to raise it from 1x to 2x. Very effective against Tyrell and also Stark, during Challenges phase.

And now, before saying goodbye, a little quote from Frankestein Junior: '' IT COULD WORK''



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frau blukerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ghrhrhrrhhrhrhhrhrhrhrh lol-

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i love you for the name