Ser Mats Mullendore - Top 16 Czech Nationals

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Derived from
A Song of Stand and Power - King of Swiss & 2nd Euros (11-1) 45 28 28 1.0
Inspiration for
Discard for Tempo - Berlin Prime Champion (8-0) 7 6 0 1.0

Diomedes 2618

This is the Tyrell Dragon deck I played at Czech Nationals. It's not the most succesful of my decks, but there are so many different ideas crammed into it that it's really fun to play. Thanks to my metamate Mats for his suggestion to include the song event module! Prague has been the birthplace of my song deck earlier this year, so it felt right to play the song events again. For this reason, the deck is named in Mats's honor. :)

So what makes it fun to play?

Since the first appearance of the song deck the meta has changed drastically. There is so much stand now that its traditional control element (kneel via The Withering Cold, "Lord Renly's Ride") isn't worth much anymore. You also got The King in the North now, but the top decks play kings of their own.

Nimer is probably gonna show us later how to do this right with his Italian Nats-winning Dragon Qohor. :)


Baronerosso 155

The right mace!!!!

YuleOoze 132

Congrats on your performance, Hanno! Looks almost like our version of the deck which also performs super-insane in testing, BUT definitely needs an errata...

Diomedes 2618

Thanks guys!

If I have the heart to let go of the song event module, the deck should be even better. :P

mplain 205

@YuleOoze errata? what do you mean?

YuleOoze 132

Feels like the card is way too powerful and (among other cards like Hizdahr etc.) forces too many players into playing weird Dragon Banners. In addition, it totally negates a keyword (Intimidate), which can't be healthy for the game. Maybe (once per phase) might be an option.

YuleOoze 132

@DiomedesI think so, too! :D Just straight-forward 'combo'!

Badrach 3

I love this deck, been messing around with it a bit and you have so many options to surprise your opponent with Yogi and Markiplier that it's really hard not to have a game where you can't make a swing switching Mark Wahlberg into Jaqen H'ghar or True Steel.