"The Tiring King" - TOP 16 / Swiss 6-1 BARNA DOHAERIS (70p)

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The NeveRenly Story of a Dancing Queen - Winner @ITA Nats 49 23 43 1.0
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Lannister 322


Hi guys!

So well, Barna Dohaeris is almost over. Just got beaten at TOP 16 after having a delightful day with this magnificent deck derived, and almost identical, to Nimer's brilliant one. I wanted to dedicate him a victory because we played the day before online again, and he is a cool dude :) But well a top will have to make do!

I'm kinda hurt about the next ban on Fatty and Sagrada Familia and this deck sort of helped me turning the page and made me feel very cool vibes.

It is a monster. There are games when you destroy your opponent and delight yourself with your own beautiful combos, and other games that you feel clearly behind and you end up driving it to victory in a single astonishing round. Read Nimer's for details.

Lost against Targa Crossing at the top 16, reaching 14 power tokens with voltron Renly on board. An unexpected Fortified Position didn't let me score and ended up being decided by dominance.

I'm gonna comment only the small differences that I thought could help to me today considering the meta:

The setups

Considering how important is to have board presence quickly because of Free Folk which I expected a lot today, I needed to reduce costs. Setups and Mulligans with this deck are dangerous. Definitely helped me:

-2 Devout Freerider: The Scheming Septons are always recycling themselves, so there is always someone to use brother's robes with.

+2 Poor Fellows: Together with Renly Baratheon (FFH) means power or cards. Besides it is good against Greyjoy Crossing and their annoying mini Theon.

-1 Highgarden Courtier: Only used them once. Now I'm thinking Irri and other 2 coster like Freedmen could be better to have quick board presence for nasty claim 2.

+1 Missandei: Sinergizes perfectly. Gives board presence too.


-1 Randyll Tarly.

+1 The Knight of Flowers (Core)

Good to find more possible Voltrons with Margery Tyrell (AMAF). Besides KOF with the Crown and Seal or Queensguard is a pain in the ass too.


-1 A Game of Thrones

+1 Calm over westeros

Free folk can bypass you with Wun Wun and infinite ways to beat you in intrigue. This plot helped me there and helped in all the other games a lot. Time to create, to set your board and good initiative to choose going second.

-1 The King in the North

+1 Ghosts of Harrenhal

Yeah I'm crazy. I know this makes the deck worse, but the original deck is so popular and I knew everyone would go after Renly desperately and would marshall kings non stop. Besides with the Targa explosion I presumed there would not be many Martell as it happened. Getting the King killed is really a problem for my self esteem haha, and I knew that bringing him back and placing on him again the same Queensguard would have that effect on my opponent. However I'd never would use it again. This was a good idea while people had this plot totally forgotten by history.


-1 Seal of the Hand

+1 Milk of the Poppy

In my case, with Harren's game for instance, milking his 7's made a bit difference. Never experienced issues to bring or find Queensguard.

And that is all!

Let's enjoy Tyrell now that it's still cool!

See you all in the next BARNA DOHAERIS edition in Barcelona (Spain).


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Nimer 2495

Well done mate! I was cheering for you! ;)