The NeveRenly Story of a Dancing Queen - Winner @ITA Nats

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"The Tiring King" - TOP 16 / Swiss 6-1 BARNA DOHAERIS (70p) 4 3 1 1.0
The stag with a rose and the goat - Top 4 Barcelona Store 7 3 4 1.0

Nimer 2686

Hi folks, I am back with some new goat love for you! :P

This is the deck with which I won Italian Nationals for the second time.

The deck is, as always, the result of a lot of meta analysis, brainstorming and test with my amazing building and testing group: since I fear that I didn't highlight it enough in the past, I will name them one by one in alphabetical order:

  • Alessandro Vasta
  • Aureliano Gianquitto
  • Daniele Riva
  • Francesco Folladori
  • Valerio Catellani

Thanks guys! You are the best. I may be the "frontman" but I wouldn't have won anything without your help.

Since I couldn't play Lannister (do I really have to explain why???) I decided to play my favourite archetype in the game: Some Faction - Alliance - Some Banner - Qohor voltron. :D

We tried with the new Jon, but the deck relied too much on the main character and granted very few alternative win conditions (at least the two builds we tried out).

We decided then to go for the pretty straightforward broken interaction between Renly and Queensguard.

We just needed to decide the other 69 cards and the 7 plots... :P

First of all, the main difference between this and Dany Voltron (Steedy Wonders) was the impossibility to seek for the showman with Oathkeeper. On the other hand, there is plenty of draw available out of Tyrell so we decided to simply go for it.

The new Mace felt like the best choice in a deck without Hightower sinergies, so we decided to put Mullendore in the deck as well (so many lovely interactions between the two of them... <3). Seems like that Hanno (Diomedes) had the same idea so I'm pretty sure it was the right choice! Gratz mate for you top in Prague!

Second problem: protection for the "combo" (or for all the renown guys who are the alternative win condition). In a phone call between me and Vasta I was telling him how I wanted to play double Barring to stop Targa efficiency as well as Meera, but I wasn't convinced cause it stopped some of our own tricks as well... He named Supporting the Faith and we immediately understood we did find the way! :D

Double Supporting was game winning the whole weekend: it stops nightmares, burn, meera, I am none, Aegon (if no Hizdar, who can be milked), Last of The Giants... and many other annoying things.

Location and attachments control was also something we need, but it was hard to protect from both without wasting a lot of slots: I always loved brother robes, and scheming septon and begging brothers are awesome so I decided to go for it.

I decided therefore to add two devout freeriders (seven trait, additional Aegon targets, protection for the key plot!!!) and they were nuts. The fun thing is that when I showed the list to Wamma a couple of days before the tournament to have some insights from the green expert he told me about the bug between freeriders and septons, which lets you draw the card while the septon stays in play. Thanks mate, the third freerider is there because of you! :D

The last thing was to understand the deck's worse matchups, and it seemed to be aggro/attrition, as well as Freefolk. I decided to try out 3x Jorah to add early game efficiency and some renown and it immediately felt like the right choice.

Moreover, since the seventh plot (Close Call) felt useless in all our games, I decided to add Game of Thrones to have an additional bullet against crossing and Freefolk. Francesco decided to add a second opener instead (Time of Plenty). I don't think there is a "better" choice... just chose the one you feel more comfortable with.

I think I am done with the deck description guys! This deck is really fun to play and besides the op "Renlysguard" it grants a lot of tricks and amazing interactions while you prepare for the finisher. The new Mace is amazing and you'll definetly enjoy him and the little monkey knight!

Last but not least, I want to thank Axxo, Tom, Dani, Bruce, Mirko and Gio for that testing sunday where they did beat me so hard while I was playing my latest Lannister attempt, convincing me to start to work on something else. It's a privilege to be able to test against so many good players!!!

Oh, and I also have to thank Rabs for the help with the name! <3

As always, feel free to ask, I will be here to reply as soon as possible!

See you for the next Some Faction - Alliance - Some Banner - Qohor deck... :P



imabunneh 361

Best Mace <3

jcwamma 2761

Congrats on the great win Nimer! I preferred the Italian name though ;).

Mog 63

Congrats on the win! You are really the best Voltron player XD

Now, Go conquer the world!

Diomedes 3190

Amazing deck and amazing performance, both as expected! :)

I agree, playing the new Mace just feels right. :P My deck was lacking the amount of control you have with Begging Brothers, Milk of the Poppy, and Brother's Robes. Kneel just isn't enough right now. Supporting the Faith is a great idea I'll borrow from you if I may. :P

I'm not sure if the Devout Freerider/Scheming Septon interaction is awesome or nasty, though. :D

Baronerosso 160

we are pleased to have participated, especially by friends! but the victory is because nicolò is a phenomenal player

r480 146

What was the Italian name Wamma? Congrats again Nimer, I'm sure you'll get the World Cahmpionship title this year. Oh, and about the name, it was a thing that came up yesterday night between the two of us :D You're more than welcome!

Nimer 2686

Hey guys! Thanks a lot tk everyone! The italian name was "Metto Vacca rialzo Vacca", something like "I play a big dude (beef maybe?) i stand a big dude... :P

LordGoshy 66

U great player, 2 National, 2 regional and top 4 world, contratulation deserved prize

Scratchy 1

Play cow, stand cow, to be precise :)

hagarrr 795

Or as Google Translate says "I put a cow upside down"

Stormborn 301

Fantastic deck and description

euphius 242

How did you deal with Milks on your own Renly? I see just the Brother's Robes for that. Is this accurate? Or did you just dodge that fate all day?

Nimer 2686

@euphius Brother Robes yeah. That's why I played 9 the seven characters. ;)

Raius 550

Hi Nimer! Congratz to your win. The deck has a few sweet interactions. Just wondering what was the losses? It feels to me that the deck might be fragile on the setup. I have tried to click on '7' below the deck few times and got stressful results :) Thanks!

Nimer 2686

Hi @Raius! The first loss was against a tyrell dragon deck who did setup renly host and after turn 1 had plaza and renly with queensguard. Double intimidate destroyed my game plan, and the two qohor triggers I was able to do were forced into milking renly twice. I waited for my opponent's mistake to try to recover but it never happened. GG to him for a deserved win.

The other loss was a matchup I was prepared to face, but he did setup rickon (I did have aegon in shadows) and I overfocused on getting rid of the kid. A first turn mil claim where I killed quaithe instead of removing a dupe from Mace made him win by one the intrigue challenge the turn after on the game of thrones turn. He topdecked wyman that turn but still I think that the loss was due to my mistake, not evaluating the importance of quaithe on the board the turn after. He didn't make mistakes as well and was able to close on turn 3. GG again.

Setups are "bad" yeah. The deck is really heavy. The thing is you have a lot of economy in the plots, a lot of draw and basically no weak characters even if they are 40. That means more quality so you basically need to understand which setup is "good enough" for the matchup and don't try to be greedy.

Blackhalo23 1

Apologies as I am a novice. I do not understand why Renly + Queen's Guard is "broken" level good.

I see the synergy that yes you can win a challenge, trigger insight and draw a card (hopefully loyal) and then discard a card to to trigger Queen's Guard and draw another card (Renly's game text).

However that's as far as I see it going. There can't be that many loyal cards in a banner deck. Am I missing some other important interaction or is my evaluation of the scenario not positive enough?

Dondiego 1

Renly fuels the cards you discard to Queensguard to stand him over and over and do challenges - grab renown

Nimer 2686

Well @Blackhalo23being able to do 4 challenges with a str 6 tricon with renown for no cost, sometimes finishing the round with 1-2 cards advantage is broken level for sure... :D

SpiriT 183

What's the best case scenario setup for this deck?

How did you find Courtiers and Randyll in the deck? There doesn't seem to be that much str boost here. Played 3 games right now and didn't manage to trigger courtier once. Could have probably done so with oathkeeper or crown, but didn't seem like a best play in the board state (needed bodyguards and milks more).

Thorik 108

How well did Wildfire work for you during the day? No missing Doaheris

Nimer 2686

Well, you usually pass through a oathkeeper or a crown, stand and buff a char, win the next challenge to take the bodyguard/milk. I can't think about a more efficient cost 2 char than one that allows me to stand another character on the board to be honest. Same for Randyll: you have str buff on demand (even if it's only a few cards) so he's absolutely good.

The best case scenario setup is probably Hizdar Jorah roseroad but also a 3 drop a 2 drop redwyne straits or great hall and 1 attachment is great.

Nimer 2686

@Thorik Wildfire is not only a reset but also a "Renly enabler" if you find Margery before him. I usually don't need to reset but Wildfire is usually fine since their best char will be probably milked and you can end 4 vs 3 with Margery on the board.

SpiriT 183

Do you usually just open Trading with the Pentoshi? Even against Martell? Would you change the opener to Supporting in that case?

PorcoRouxo 33

Great deck and performance, as always ;)

The renly/queensguard combo is of course obvious but the choices you made around are very well done. I like the fact you chose not to play flea bottom (one thing I don't know how to do when playing a queensguard voltron deck) to focus on your weaknesses.

Gratz for your second national champion title, 2 times in a row, that's really impressive. And GL for worlds again tho ;)

Nimer 2686

@SpiriTit really depends on the setup. If you suspect they will open Long Plan (good martell players usually do) a very good opener (if the setup allows it) is game of thrones. The plot will soon be useless against them, but it won't allow them to attack you three times for a win/win situation with long plan and/or dorne. I would say supporting is too important against them to waste it turn one, so it's either pentoshi or game of thrones I guess.

MadSirian 1

Cheers for the result :D But why u didn't play lanni ? ( yeah you have to explain :P ) The lanni-babies-Voltron deck seems still very strong to me.

Palpa 10

This deck is so awesome that it is frustrating: beeing a dwarf among giant

Nimer 2686

@MadSirianoh I usually don't play the same deck again after I win something with it... Worlds were the exception cause the lack of time and alternative ideas of the moment.

MadSirian 1

Cool, I ll enjoy it all by myself then :D

audioslavexxx 121

The Best Italian player from a long time. Well done my friend!

Majestic 1

How do you deal with Dohaeris? Being a deck with a lot of heavy hitters, i'm intrigued.

Otherwise, congrats on the win and what looks like a really fun and solid deck! :D

Nimer 2686

Hi @Majestic! Dohaeris leaves 10g vs 10g usually, buy in fact here I will likely save one character with a lot of attachments on it, so my board will likely be better than his. I'll probably lose some powers but with tyrell draw and resources I can rebuild very quickly, even if I didn't have renly with queensguard on the board.

Reim 793

Great deck, great pilot.....congrats for winning italian national twice in a row

Lannister 485

Congrats Nimer! Did you really felt cool by not using Close Call? I mean, heads on spikes or even any king presence kills Renly straight away...

Nimer 2686

Yes but what are the chances to draw the other copies of renly? I have many other renown characters. If it happens I’ll win with some other characters. Close call is too slow. Btw, you can milk your own renly to protect him from valar the next turn. ;)

MythoS 79

Congrats on your win and on another great deck.

Did beacon get any work done? Did you ever feel like you needed a 3rd milk?

Nimer 2686

Beacon is huge against control deck to close one turn before. I usually discard 2 cards to pump him to 12 during the first challenge and then swap it for beacon to gain 2 more points. The third milk could be useful but I learned to play with only 2 of them. If you use them only when really needed 2 ae always enough in my experience.

Beciaku 1

@Nimer can u descibe how this combo with draw adn 2 gold works?

Nimer 2686

If you have scheming septon and devout freerider in play, when you trigger scheming septon you drawand try to gain 2 gold. The freerider doesn’t allow you to gain 2 gold, so you only draw a card. Since only one of the two parts of the ability did happen, the then part doesn’t happen as well, and the setpon stays on the board.

HidaHayabusa 73

Thanks for sharing the deck. Would you mind sharing the lists that you tested with Jon Snow initially?

drake164 1

Man even just reading the deck explanation i get the feeling your deck has a way against everything. Congrats for the deck and the win

dfaust 65

Congrats on the win! I was just wondering how can the septon really trigger his ability when the free riders are out? do you just draw a card and then the reaction just cancels because you can't gain any gold in which leaves him on the board? I thought if you can fulfill the action then you can't trigger it. Great deck! can't wait to try it out.

scantrell24 3297

@dfaust For everything before "then", you do as much as you can, so draw 1 card but don't gain gold. Because you didn't do everything before "then", you don't do anything after "then".