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The NeveRenly Story of a Dancing Queen - Winner @ITA Nats 49 23 43 1.0
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noob 19

Hello everyone, this deck made a 4-1 in

The deck is inspired by the Italian Nationals winner.

I wanted to create a deck to win what I consider the strongest houses of the current meta (Greyjoy and Stark). I selected Baratheon as the main house to play the new Robert Baratheon, which I consider very versatile to control the table. As support house I select Tyrell as it works very well with Trading With Qohor thanks to the Crown of Golden Roses, Oathkeeper and the lords with renown.


At the Gates: I usually look for Gates of the Moon unless my opponent puts it first. In that case Great Hall is the card I'm looking for.

Exchange of Information: It's draw and it give us 99.99% chance of having an attachment to play with.

Forced March: Control plot with good initiative.

Summons: Very important plot to search Left or Right, Melisandre, R'hllor card, some character for Renly action, duplicate, etc...

The King in the North: We have 2 kings with the possibility of 2 more using the Crown of Golden Roses. Strong vs Stark and Greyjoy.

Trade Routes: Give me my money.

Valar Dohaeris: Strong reset vs Greyjoy.


Bastard of Robert with any of our four kings for draw. It's a free card with Robert Baratheon.

Highgarden Courtier with any attachment that adds strength and with Hightower Spy surprise.

Left with Right so OP!

Randyll Tarly with Crown of Golden Roses is unstoppable.

Red Priest looking at the hand is always very good.

Renly Baratheon we have enough cost 3 or less to make his action very effective. It works extremely well with Hightower Spy.

Ser Mark Mullendore he can always get you the card you need. Just trust him.

Isle of Ravens necessary in Qohor.


Bodyguard You'll need it sometime during the game.

Milk of the Poppy necessary in the current meta. You can have infinites with Isle of Ravens

Hunting Accident and Lightbringer to swap between them. You can make a surprise renown by switching to Lightbringer.

Oathkeeper to search for Robert Baratheon, [Maester Cressen] (/card/01046) or whatever you need.

Warhammer to support Renly Baratheon or some surprise intimidation.


Didn't come out in any game, but I think I'd change In the Name of Your King! for a second copy of Shadow of the Throne.


Lannister 322

Love this deck mate, very good job

Toaster 35

It indeed is a beauty, so much toolboxery (it's a word I swear).

@noob Would you mind writing a bit about your ideas, strategy and concept behind the deck?

noob 19

Hello @Toaster

Description updated

Toaster 35

@noobThank you so much!