One third of UKTC Winner - Stark hidden Rush

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The Starks are Coming - Winner U.S. Nationals 2018 28 19 3 1.0
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blusteal 13

Shamelessly stolen from the US nationals winner.

I quite liked this with the LotC agenda but as a team we had already used the crossing agenda so I swapped into rains with the intention of hiding the fact this was a rush deck. Tweaked a handful of the cards for more econ and Meera Reed which made a ton of sense to me.

Card draw on the day was terribly kind to me and I got to see the Greatjon Umber with Arya Stark (Core) often enough to stranglehold a lot of games. Games went as follows (apologies i know the names of maybe two or three of my opponents)

1st round - Targ Crossing - Win - Team decision to push against the current Meta rush deck. Initially grasped the game and used the Greatjon and arya to reduce the chance of any challenges from my opponent. I am no one onto bolton flayer with only daario standing for two unopposed to win the game. 1-0

2nd round - Lanni Rose - Win - Team decision was that I wouldn't play against JC ... I say team I mean mine - The game itself was just a grind out for the win I believe my opponent struggled to see his economy. 2-0

3rd round - Targ Crossing - Win - Team decision it worked last time. Had this game tied up after the first challenge with my opponent unable to do a great deal about it. winter is coming cleared his two characters and to end the game I flipped into you win or you die off the back of a an unopposed int challenge with a unopposed power to come straight after. 3-0

4th round (final round before cut) - Greyjoy Rose - Lose - Team decision we lost the coin flip but happy enough the other two match ups would go in our favour. I was unable to get any traction on this and was beaten fairly. Greyjoy big characters and unable to reset the board hard enough combined with the inability to win initiative. 3-1

Semi Final - Nights watch Wolf - Win - Team decision this was the second time we played against storm crows as we had played them in the previous round we looked to move around the pairings so I ended up against my preference. Initially after the first two rounds I thought I was in a lot of trouble and reset the board seeing my own pieces out of play. The turning point for the game was when i warded my own Catelyn Stark (Core) Ground the game out after this with careful consideration not to discard characters due to the new wall. 4-1

Final - Stark Rains - Win - Team decision Stark against Stark as remaining match up put targ crossing against free folk. Opening up I managed to see my perfect opening and through the rounds I did have to grind out the win. My opponent and used both his rains reset and his main reset by the second round after this i was able to flood the board and was lucky enough to see dupes for pretty much everything on my side. was a huge power challenge to win in the end by stealth core cat on my opponents side. 5-1

As a team we were fortunate enough to be able to get the right match ups for our rush decks 9 times out of 12. I was lucky that another 3 completely different Stark rains decks turned up on the day this enabled a slight element of surprise which turned games in my favour before my opponent was aware they were playing a rush deck (my opinion)

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