Ortos' Nordic Burn

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Winner of Nordic Championship - Jakob W

Runner-up of Thrones W.A.R 19 - Andreas A

This deck is incredibly strong and flexible, built and tuned by Jakob W over the course of several months. He's our resident Burn player in Sweden so I trusted he knew the best list and took it to Thrones W.A.R where it performed well until the final where I didn't see economy.

  • Open Exchange of Information always unless something spectacular happens. I opened it all games except one. Opened Blood of the Dragon vs Jesse Carpenter's FatCat deck to make his Heir useless.
  • Prioritize marshalling econ and set up for a future swing turn. Mulligan everything that doesn't contain econ.
  • Save one Copper for post-YWOYD.
  • Use Flea Bottom, Qotho and Missandei for early tempo-plays.
  • Vs Stark, NW or Wolf use Aegon to search for Unsullied and prioritize marshalling your Dragons (No Attachments). If you're against Martell or NW it might be better to search for Stormcrows and setup a strong Blood of the Dragon turn.

New RL: Change Trade Routes for... Trading with the Pentoshi? Some econ plot atleast. Fallen from Favor could also work but you're playing on very small boards so it could backfire. Depending on the meta the second Counting Coppers can be Marched to the Wall but you usually want both of them in most matchups. Only changeable card imo is Fire and Blood, there are matchups where it's dead and some where you'd just rather have a 3rd Nightmares, a Seized/Milkor something. But... when it's good, it's very good so shrug.


raekob 229

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Itachi 1

Wow, what a list! I would hate to play against it :D A few questions, though:

  • Why double Counting and not double Exchange?
  • What do you think about Summer Harvest in the Trade-Routes slot? Should work well with Beggar King...
  • Isn´t Valar D. really awkward with Dany and Drogon? I understand that you need Valar D, but I would be interested in how you play around this
  • I think Marched should definitely have a place in this deck. The question is what to take out for it... Maybe YWOYD?
  • I really like the 1x Support of the People. What do you usually search for?

Thank you very much!

Ortos 149

@ItachiI love exchange as opener in the deck. The 3 g is a great value for begger kings, there is no dead cards round one and their is a great chance i get a begger king if I don't have one. Later however I prefere to get hidden cards. That gives a greater chance to get the best card, that my opponent does not want to give me. It also forces to opponent to play around more things then if he knows what he gave me. Will he/she risk that I did not get burn? How much did i get and so on. Since the first copper is either played round 2 or round 3-4 depending on game I rather have it as a copper then exchange.

I have not played the deck a lot since the restricted list. But summer harvest and varys riddle (a great way to make the GJ game a lot easier) have been the two plots I have tried so far. Both got some pros and cons. I think calling the banners might be decent as well. (The econ plot is often used either turn 2 or quite late).

Valar D might for sure be awkward some games you are winning, but, if you got that good a board and characters your not in a bad position anyhow. It's your VD, you get to chose when you use it, and almost always either find a place when it hurts my opponent more, or where I'm already that much ahead that I can take the hit (the locations and hand size are way more important then the characters, this deck plays very different from the HRD meereen decks that just flood all the big guys and win that way).

I find all the plots in the deck to be better then marched (logically, since I decided to take marched out of the deck ;) ) There is for sure some ideal situations for a marched, however, in most games you wont find it, and in many games the marched will end up hurting you more then your oponent. I often play the deck with aiming to keep 3-4 guys on my board. One 5+ cost, a dragon and one-two chuds. If i got that on board i can spend resources on burn/locations. Marched just ends up hurting back to much.

It also goes togheter with your earlier statement, valar D can be akward to play some turns. So are marched. Having to many plots that can't be played at any time just ended up limiting my options to much. YWOYD just ended up beeing a way more reliant pressure plot for me then marched was.

I love support, with 2nd sons it often an easy trigger early as well (and many ppl rather give the support turn one then a burn card, and that makes me very happy.. developing the location base is prio 1 the first turns). I often see the support as 1 extra copy of the best location in that game. Plaza of punishment is probably the one i search for most often, but, qarth, flea, astaport or econ are all common choices.

Hope that anwears your question. Then, this deck is not a deck i built in the current itaration, but a deck that has evolved from a very different deck i build, and then played for well over a year, makeing small changes all the time. That makes the deck very much built around my own playstyle compared to a "fresher" deck. There are for sure changes that could be make to make it fit other players playstyle better. Marched might be one of them.

H2Masri 1

With your recent shoutout on The White Book as the best control decklist, I’m curious to know your thoughts with the newest RL and what changes can be made to make the list work in the current meta. As a Targ loyalist, I’m searching for that great Targ Burn list!

Varu 8

Could you explain why only 2x viserion and 2x rhaegal? Cheap dragons should be 3off IMHO to enable dracarys?

Ortos 149

@H2Masri I have not played it a lot lately, but would probably not change more then trade routes to another plot at the moment. Maybe at the gates, riddle, trading with pentoshi are all decent options i think depending on meta.

@VaruSure cheap dragons are good, but that also makes them harder to use as claim soak without getting dead cards and so on. I simply found this as my sweet spot. The deck draws a lot, so it's uncommon to not have a dracarys enabler when you need one.

Gaurwaith 2

How you think about Knights of the Hollow Hill as a Agenda for this deck?