Sea of tears - (greyjoy sob) - Leiden Great Hall winner (6-0

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House Greyjoy: Barcos de Sangre!⛵ 2 1 1 1.0
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starclown 120

This deck went 6-0 (and thus winning) the Leiden great hall (and final Dutch Great Hall) tournament (, so I could get my hands on that nice Magali art play mat.

Rookery (I did not use it much):


H2Masri 1

When you did use the Rookery, could you give us insight on what you were changing?

starclown 120

@H2Masri I've added Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) to the deck for thé match against bara (taking out thé other vic and one balon). Against sea of blood I added the Forced March and remove the Nothing Burns Like The Cold. I added the additional The Hand's Judgment against Tyrell shadow, removing a Corsair's Dirk. The other matches I've left de deck as is.

Slippy 8

Verdiende winnaar! Sterk deck.