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Sea of blood in the ALFALFAR 5 3 2 1.0
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Alfalfa 16

Hi again ! this is a new version of sea of blood in alfalfar. It was 4th in Brawl a couple of weeks ago in Madrid. (such a nice weekend and people :) After Hizdahr zo Loraqand Meereen became restricted cards i changed the deck a lot. I was thinking about The Skahazadhanfor gold and the The Inn at the Crossroads (seriously) for drawing because Flea Bottomseems to me like the best restricted card to be included. But without Meereen you struggle a lot to have some good cards in had so The Skahazadhan is not effective. I tried to low the costs in the deck and give it some tools to win even if you cant trigger the agenda or if you cant kill everyone. I really havent solved the economy and draw problem but still think is a fun and competitive deck. Setups are usually great because there are many cheap people and locations and i added the amazing plot Return to the Fieldswhich is even better if you know when your opponent is playing a reset XD. Is usual targaryen stuff, the Qothoand Missandeicombo, the Aegon Targaryenand Daario Naharis (when i dra Daario im not happy ;( "Off To Gulltown"can make Drogon (IDP)to burn more than one guy per turn, Stormcrowsand Crown of Goldcan help too and Strong Belwascan be a little help against resets. Less dothrakis more companions and mercenaries and Im happy and sad same time with the results because i lost againts other sobs (lanny. nw and greyjoy) and i could do it better so it was not only the deck. Any advice to improve the deck and the balance is welcome and i have a question ┬┐What do you hate the most Sea of Bloodor The Free Folk? Because im testing wildlings now and i really like them XD

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