Greyjoy Watch Pillage

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What Joy it is to mill 2 3 1 1.0

scantrell24 3065

First draft. Balon + Queenscrown. Need to cut 5 more cards.

Potential cards:

Wildfire Assault

Shadow Tower Mason

Veteran Builder / Flea Bottom

Baby Theon

Gwynnese Harlaw

Corpse Lake

Iron Islands Market


Raiding the Bay of Ice


Kakita_Rinsei 20

Nice deck I would suggest cutting 1x King of Salt and Rock 1x Scouting Vessel 1x Baelor Blacktyde 1x Glass Candle 1x Orkmont Reaver.

Here is my opinion on why. King of Salt and Rock because having 3 is to much plus with Isle you can cycle it back into your deck if it gets discarded by opponent.

Scouting Vessel is strong but I would either take 1 out and replace with another Kings Landing or for Loot, reason being that Kings Landing will allow you to replay all the locations in your discard pile plus you run WTW.

Baelor Blacktyde because Tris is much better and if opponent runs Isle him/herself he is useless.

Glass Candle again because 3 is too much I would consider a card that would hinder your opponent like Milk or Stranggler or even Fishing Net.

Orkmont Reaver because Baby Theon or Gwynennese are both better by far.

Also I think 3x Queenscrown is a wee bit excessive. I would also consider switching out either the Balons the King versions or switch out The King in the North for Wildfire Assault. Also

I might think of adding in 1 King's Road because you run King's Landing. King's Landing can be very brutal on opponent when you can bring Sea Bitch or Scouting Vessel or King's Road out over and over again. It can really beef up the usefulness of King of Salt and Rock and Asha.

Nice deck none the less and I am sure it will infuriate more than a few opponents. Tris can kill decks cold if you can get the right card or 2 removed from the game.

Timmy 35

i may miss something but what is the bay of seals used for ?

Toaster 27

@Timmy I think it's for Balon Greyjoy (KotI), taking opponents characters, but I think that's excessive and too situational.

I would also replace Westwatch-by-the-Bridge with something more impactful from .

Using Dragon's Tail as an additional mill card seems excessive, especially because it takes the restricted slot, I'd rather stick with Iron Mines.

Kakita_Rinsei 20

@Timmythe bay of seals is used in synergy with a character of nightswatch that takes control of opponents chuds....LOL i totally missed that he is not in the deck nor are any of the event for taking opponents characters. So you did not miss anything but pointed out 3 slots that he can easily fill.

scantrell24 3065

"Excessive and situational" is a fair summary of my deckbulding style. I usually start with a theme or strategy, and then see how far I can take it to test the deck's limits. For example, Iron Mines might be a better general use card to protect the Greyjoy bigs, but I'd rather have Dragon's Tail because it fits the mill theme -- at least in the first draft. As I figure out what works and what doesn't, then I replace the failures with "better" cards.

And yes, the idea with Bay of Seals is to steal dudes with Balon and stand them.

Kakita_Rinsei 20

The new plot that allows a draw of 2 and if you dont have a city plot in use pile causes a discard of 2 could be useful towards milling. Also the bay of seals with Balon's ability is a waste of a card slot if you are looking for efficiency because you only have 1 copy of it and no way of searching for it except with Asha late game.

Toaster 27

Hey I just ran a normal Big Wall deck and found out that having Queenscrown + Westwatch-by-the-Bridge for a couple of turns is actually quite a lot of milling and general control over the opponents draw.

I'm still not sure if The Bay of Seals is a good idea. Without looking at your deck again I build a + BW deck and it looks very similar to yours.

Main difference is that I run 3x Tris Botley and 3x Baelor Blacktyde, because with these two and the Drowned God Fanatic + Balon Greyjoy (KotI) combo you can basically lock down all their cards.

Toaster 27

Okay just published my variant of your deck @scantrell24 feel free to check it out and thanks for the inspiration. So far it has been quite some fun.