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Greyjoy Watch Pillage 5 5 8 1.0
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Toaster 27

Hello there

inspired by @scantrell24 I've run a few games on theironthrone.net and cut the fat from the earlier 65 card deck. This is still a work in progress, but seems to perform quite nicely for now.


Noteworthy Combos & Gameplan:
Even though we run some of the bombs we are trying to play a control style of play and actually going second is preferred most of the time (until Orkmont Reaver are activated for stealth).

So how do we achieve that control?

Cards that can be cut / are flexible:
It's always hard to adjust a deck for new cards but here are some that I consider flexible:

Cards that ruin all the fun to be had:

Okay that's it, feel free to leave a comment, especially if you did some trial runs with the deck. I feel that it's a more interesting approach to Greyjoy than the usual bomb to face gameplan.


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Toaster 27

If you prefer a power-grab approach: Corpse Lake + Queenscrown and King of Salt and Rock together with all the Pillage works quite well to get power fast. But that is a very different kind of deck.