Rose plus Lion; Knights & Ladies

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Four_Winds 1

Obligatory "just starting out with AGoT" Knights deck.

(15) economy cards plus Elinor Tyrell.

Kill opposing characters with claim, then do power challenges.

Plots also considered (had a hard time figuring this);

Lady Sansa's Rose & All Men Are Fools aren't included because I have none.

Same goes for Relentless Assault.

Olenna's Machinations might work, but probably not Hidden Thorns.

Dropped Olenna's Informant along with Alerie Tyrell.


starclown 126

Some advice, I think your economy needs some re-adjusting. 15 econ cards is way to much (I usually run 9 or 10), and 8 of these cards are faction specific (either Lanni or Tyrell). I would go with ones that provide gold or general reduction. The great halls are also not great in this because there is a lack of targets. You can only reduce Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) by two. All others just by one.

I would go with 3 The Roseroad, 3 Redwyne Straits and then either 3 The Arbor or Arbor Marketplace (or 2 and 2 if you want to go for 10 econ).

I would also not run 3 Lannisport Merchant and 3 Garden Caretaker. They are nice in the start of the game. But late game you would like to draw some cards with a bit impact. I would keep 2 or 3 and change the rest to better cards.

Four_Winds 1

Four_Winds 1

Unfortunately, I seem to have broken the Agenda requirements...