King of Swiss , 16th Margaery Cup in South Korea

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pjsjongsung 16

I knew Tyrell-Dragon was strong, thanks to Queensguard and Hizdahr zo Loraq. However, this is not a 'can see everyday strong' deck. I wanted to try a combo I was dreaming of!

Yes! Knights! But not ordinary knights. Any one can be a knights thanks to Knighted Why not Mirri and Jaqen? They need to attack alone right? (Also, wasn't expecting it but Randyll Tarly with Jousting Pavilion and Knighted was a marvelous combo)

1st Round - vs Stark - Fealty : W Would have lost if it was fast like The Lord of the Crossing, but I had so many 7 cost characters, which lead me to a win at the later rounds.

2nd Round - vs Stark - Sea of Blood : W Yes, it was a tough game. I thought I lost the game when my Jaqen H'ghar went straight back to my hand by Breaking Ties even with his copy due to Arya Stark (TFM). Still, in the later games, Hizdahr zo Loraq did his job summoning 7 cost characters every round with their strong attachments.

3rd Round - Lannister - The rains of Castamere : W My Randyll Tarly dying to Tears of Lys was a tragedy. In fact, he died to all sorts of things every round. However, I got lucky bringing out Renly Baratheon (FFH) before my opponent summoned Cersei Lannister (LoCR).

4th Round - Stark - Assault from the Shadows : W My opponent's deck used a very surprising combo, using Shaggydog (MoD) on Greatjon Umber. Using Besieged as his combo piece. My Jaqen H'ghar died to the combo, what a shame... but Renly with Queensguard won the game.

5th Round - Greyjoy - Knights of the hollow hill L : I used The Bloody Flux on my opponent's Valar Morghulis, which was a dream! But used Varys's Riddle on his Marched to the Wall. I couldn't find Renly Baratheon (FFH) faster than his Victarion Greyjoy (MoD), which were the only big characters left in the game. T.T

I did not write all my stories, but Mirri Maz Duur and Jaqen H'ghar with Knighted and Tourney Lance did do some tricks! :D Gifts for the Widow was great card to finding my attachments just when I need them. (Randyll Tarly with Knighted was actually a better combo... but we play for fun right?)

Anyways, if you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer as soon as I can :)


pjsjongsung 16

Ok, does anybody know how to make my article work? It works absolutely fine on the preview.....

pjsjongsung 16

I erased the image from giphy.. adding the giphy embed link breaks the rest of my articles :( does anybody know what the problem is?

Lannister 377

Man I really like your work here, pretty original deck and nice building. Feels a bit dependent on big fellas, which for the type of matches you had (Stark and Greyjoy as everyone lately...) is ok. But I picture you suffering against control decks maybe? (NW and Martell for instance?) Anyway good job! :)

pjsjongsung 16

@Lannister thanks!!! It's a possibility. If that's the case I would have to time my King in the North at a very good timing.

nodtrio16 1

오 글올렸네

pjsjongsung 16

@nodtrio16 엌