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Fabri501 8

so this is my first deck and i want all the feedback posible to make it better, basically i went with two ideas to play it, number 1 is daenerys and her dragons and number 2 are al the bloodriders giving each other bonuses, i also noticed that there were quite a few loyal cards so i went with fealty. And because there are not many lords or ladys The Red Wedding is awesome to take down big teams with lots of lords. All the support or comments on how to make it better will be read.


Maenas 1

Hi Jekill and welcome! Nice approach to a Targa deck!

I will give you some hints about deck construction, then you can try them by yourself and see if they work out for you and maybe in the way you can improve the way your deck works ;)

Economy and the card costs curve: The usual thing are 9-10 economy locations (and usually also that number of "limited" cards in the deck as a maximum). You have to keep an eye since I really think your deck is expensive at the moment. The more expensive your cards are the more economy you need each turn. Check other targaryen decks and have a look at their card costs curve, comparing it with the one in your deck.

Copies of cards and consistency: If you want your deck to be more consistent than variable then you need to choose more cards x3. Selecting a card and putting in three copies of it will help you to get it in almost every game. So you want danny on the table? then put it x3. Then let's say that x2 cards are those that help you during the game, but also those that are not necessarily needed each and every game. Lastly those cards with just one copy, are the ones that are situational or less needed, since you won't probably see them in most games.

Draw: You need some kind of draw, if not, you are "condemned" to "topdecking", is not that bad if you play with other people that draw at the same pace as you, but you'll see that if you play against decks with a little draw in them, they will overrun yours for sure. The more you draw the more likely you will have your "winning cards" on your hand. As a side note Targaryen, is maybe (actually) the house with the worst draw on the entire game. On top of that it has been given a discard mechanics in wich you do things discarding your own cards. So be aware with this. Some nice draw cards for Targa: Meereen, Littlefinger (Core), Counting Coppers, You Win Or You Die, Siege Preparations keep an eye on Meereen since it is restricted [](

Hope this helps you (and others) in your deck building!

Side notes on this specific deck You are using the core Danny (the best in my opinion) it gives you draw with her insight... if you are using her, then I would change the dragons Rhaegal (MoD) and Viserion (AtG) for their hatchling versions Rhaegal (Core) and Viserion (Core) they work excellently with Daenerys Targaryen (Core) and Fire and Blood. I would also took out Syrio's Training you have more than enough military icon in this deck!

Oh! And put the third Dracarys! in!! It's one of the house iconic cards, people fear it and if you have a Dragon and a coin on the table people will think twice what they do! ;)

Fabri501 8

Thanks a lot I Will sure fix those things you are mentioning, also if you like I made a Stark deck, so be welcome yo check that one too :)