Wolves with Lances

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King Midas And His Silver 10

My last deck (Lances with Wolves) got me thinking: can a wolf ride a horse?

You fucking bet it can.

So you find Summer, make him a knight and get him three horses and a lance. You organise a tourney and find an appreciative spectator. You will also need a warg. Sir Summer does his military challenge, wins it alone and gives some flowers away. Repeat twice more using Bran and Northern Armory. Summer wins the tourney for himself and the game for you.

Is this combo broken?

Absolutely it is, but, until FFG restrict it, I'm going to exploit the hell out of it. I suggest you do the same.


ReThunder 53

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King Midas And His Silver 10

@ReThunderYou just have to give him a nice bowl of milk. I advise you wait until he is sleeping or you have a trained professional on hand.