"Goats and Gabbages" - Top4@TigellaDay and KoS+Top8@LSF

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A Wolf In Goat's Clothing - Winner, 2018 Northampton Regiona 32 18 6 1.0
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KabeSexy17 1

Bravisimo! :) Good minion!

Ansaer 19

@KabeSexy17ty my Lord :D

Baronerosso 155


Lannister 322

Good job mate! What plot is the opener here?

Krapfen9 7

freddo appassito mi sembra

Ansaer 19

@Lannisterthe classic opener is The Withering Cold. Against The Free Folk and Sea of Blood the opener could be Forced March. But Heir to the Iron Throne or The King in the North are opener if you have a setup of little lords or The Wolf King in yout hand