[French Nat 2019] [Top16] The Rage Cook

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"Mag's Choke Slam" - A semi-viable choke deck 44 32 26 1.0
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Timmy 58

This is the deck i played at the French National. i took inspiration from "Mag's Choke Slam" deck even though i tried to made it in my own way, especially since the release of Yoren and bound to the wall. I mostly buffed econ and draw and remove what i felt was unnecessary or too expensive. With Yoren and Bound released, the deck looked viable to me, even though, there was some work to do. I used to played NW wolf two years ago so this was a deck that i knew i would enjoy and be familiar with.

I made the cut during after swiss, ending 5W - 2L

There are probably many improvements to be made again but this version of the deck was rather stable during the whole week-end. All my losses were because of my own mistakes rather than the deck itself.

So, as you may know, this is a sort of mix between soft choke : (White Tree The High Sparrow and hard attrition tech : Bound for the Wall Yoren (TB) Recruiter for the Watch Mutiny At Craster's Keep

Yoren and Bound are amazing cards. Yoren especially fits perfectly the deck since you have many ways to remove him in order to play him back : Mutiny At Craster's Keep, Marched to the Wall, Breaking Ties, even Coldhands is great, so that's a second yoren trigger.

Against a NW player the best use i made of Yoren was trigger Yoren on some of my opponent three coster, then Janos the three coster, then Coldhands yoren, guarding the realm on the three coster to have him back, then get rid of coldhands to have yoren back for a second trigger.

Without going that further, Yoren and Coldhands just works perfectly together as long as you find a way to get rid of the characters you stole with yoren.

The plotline is somewhat arguable since with Maester Aemon (WotW), we might want to include a 2 claim plot. But i felt more confortable with an oldschool Valar Morghulis instead, and it really saved my ass during one game. I felt playing valar confortable against swarm decks, since you do have several ways to get rid of dupes (mutiny, coldhands, breaking ties) before the valar

For the record : Round 1 : loss VS Kingdom of shadows (Deilan) Round 2 : Win VS Bara Kraken (Golo) Round 3 : Win VS Night's watch wars to come (Sadyear) Round 4 : Win VS Stark Rains (YopYop) Round 5 : Win VS Stark Crossin (Laplante) Round 6 : Loss VS Night's watch wars to come (Daniele) Round 7 : Win VS Greyjoy Prince (Arutho) Top 16 : Loss VS Night's King of summer (Argento, amazing game)

I felt lucky i didn't met any targ, especially targ burn during the tournament.


argento 529

Congrats my friend ! This deck is very dangerous , and fits well with ur way of playing. I was very very lucky to escape from the trap !

Toaster 35

Thanks for the write up and the cool evolution of the deck.

What do you think are one of it's biggest weaknesses?
Having played a bit of Choke Slam myself, I often felt very starved on economy myself.

Timmy 58

@argento: thanks, i still regret not playing this beggin bro on our match but hey, that's the game !

@Toaster : I didn't felt to starved on economy since i added two flea bottom alley. but sometimes yeah, the economy provided from the plot might feel a bit short But it's not the economy itself that i found difficult but more the reserve. Your plot are rather low reserve, even though you draw so you often throw cards on reserve. I would consider a third samwell (for the reserve boost) instead of the third hobb or instead of a raven but i'm unsure about it (raven are often used on a breaking ties turn and hobb is just ... well hobb)

I think that shadows is a real tough mathcup : we don't have many arguments to fight shadows (barring the gates stops bound for the wall so it's not an option and exposed is a useless plot against all other matchups)