Saving the Palace of Sorrows - Top 4 Prime Düsseldorf

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Diomedes 2342

Although I usually play rushier decks, as a staunch Bara loyalist, I have to play a kneel/dominance control deck once in a while. Saving the Kingdom has always been my favourite kneel card. And it just got a huge boost with Palace of Sorrows!

I played this at a Prime Championship and finished 3rd/14:

Unfortunately, I didn't stand a chance vs. Kingdom of Shadows, the eventual winner. (He won the Prime Championship the next day as well). Against other popular decks like Steel and SoB, this deck works great. And controlling bigs has never been easier than with Sorrows and Saving the Kingdom. :)

Some highlights from the day:

Feel free to ask questions!


SonOfBattles1 233

I've really been enjoying Bara Hollow Hill lately as well! I'm surprised to see no Delena Florent though

Diomedes 2342

Yeah, I considered her and she definitely fits the deck even with only 1 Bastard (her son). I could also include Gendry I guess.

But then what to cut? I didn't want to reduce the number of R'hllor cards. In the end I decided I wanted to try Ser Eldon Estermont and he didn't disappoint. :)

Redrio 1

Nice deck. Question: how were you able to trigger Valar D before Return to the fields? Return has a higher initiative. If they made you first player that was totally on them lol

SonOfBattles1 233

@RedrioKnights of the Hollow Hill Agenda gives +2 Initiative

r480 134

Nice!!! I thought about Saving the Kingdom when I got the Targ box but didn't get the chance to build around it. No Traitor to the crown? Is Ser Edon there to have a boost on econ? Grats for the deck man :) looks pretty solid.

SonOfBattles1 233

@DiomedesYou could use Delena Florent to tutor The Bastard of Nightsong - He's pretty impactful and doesn't have Gendry's downside