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mythras 655

I decided to have some fun with the Smash Brothers and their silent friend Ilyn Payne for King at the Wall II:

I had to cut 5 cards that are now restricted (RttF, KitN, Qotho, Meereen, Gifts) but the deck still worked surprisingly well. Because I lost Gifts I streamlined the attachments and was pretty happy with the package. Milk is still a really good card to solve some problems. 1 Milk and Queensguard are enough to trigger Dragon Gate, so I added 2 of those to mitigate the loss of Meereen at bit.

"Off To Gulltown" works well with Queensguard or Plaza of Pride and characters like Gregor, Drogon. The deck is also a bit weak on the power side otherwise.

Plotwise I wanted a economy plot in case I can't draw enough limited cards. LSF might be the better choice there over Loan because it's also a Summer plot for Shadow of the East and does not cripple my econ for further rounds. The First Snow of Winter is pretty nice against a lot of decks at the moment. Stark, Builders, Baratheon often hate to see this plot and it helps setting up a good Marched to the Wall. Wildfire over Valar Dohaeris because with Great Hall and a lot of big characters I expected VD to hurt me more than my opponent a lot of times.

The one Drogon (IDP) scared my opponents and some decks have trouble controlling him. Could maybe be more than a one-of. Jhiqui was also helpful in closing out games, could also be a x3. Ser Ilyn Payne with Queensguard is just funny and I would keep him at x3. Had an interesting game against Stark Crossing where Payne killed 3-4 weenies every turn while Wyman Manderly got to draw back a lot of cards, so my opponent kept playing more weenies. Also really nice with The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due to recycle him at the end of marshalling.

Shadow of the East might be my favorite card at the moment. This card alone can straight up win some matchups (Builders, Targ VS). The timing as a shadow card is so good and the ability to play it more than once in a turn with Summer plots makes it overpowered in some matchups.

Some additions that might be worth thinking about, mainly some ability to control locations:


sirkamlot 1

I see smash bro + queensguard Ilyn - i push like :)

badass_bard 20

Smash Brothers :) - My one true love!