I'm Sorry (Winner, Vaes Bulghar 2020)

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vexien 730

Jousting Pavillion

Streams - Swiss| Cut

I used to feel fairly bad playing Lanni Kingdom against people once I'd managed to get a lock on the game, but Lanni Kraken is a whole other level of nasty. I've been aware of it for quite a while, with some variations initially appearing at UK WAR last year and being discussed in TeamLanni this year, but I never really liked it when I played it. With Kingdom of Shadows banned in the thrones world cup this year, it was very prominent for the lanni decks in the swiss and was getting consistent results so I ended up picking it up for the cut. Unfortunately our run in the cut was very short lived and I only got to play one tourney game with it, so when I couldn't decide what to play for Vaes Bulghar it seemed a good chance to give it a proper spin.

For those who don't know what the general concept is, Tyrion Lannister (TB) & Clever Feint provide you very good recursion tools for Nightflyer and Nighttime Marauders. If you're able to play smart and manage your opponents tempo, they will eventually have no hand or economy, and the board will soon follow. The latest conclave RL took away The Red Keep (DotE) as you need to keep marauders for the general deck style, but I did not miss it once during the tournament, and covered by upping the number of Alchemists' Guildhall

The strength of this deck in a tournament will largely depend on the meta you are playing in, as decks like Stark Crossing or a lot of Greyjoy variants will give you a hard time. Its well suited for the increase in burn that's appeared, and will largely win out in attrition/control match ups as you take away their pieces. Also, you really have to like it, because it will suck the fun out of the game real quick when you start winning, and be really slow until you do.

I started to write out some of the match reports, but honestly I was writing the same thing a lot of "I started behind, destroyed econ and hand, took control, won". So i'll try and cover some of the highlights.

  • Despite complaining (maybe whining) about Greyjoy pillage matchups, I managed to get a marauders trigger and hit 3 Risen from the Sea at once, giving me free reign to valar.

  • Against Atanas, I think Nightflyer took out 8-10 econ locations, some being the same ones that had been recycled (Gates of the Moon destroyed immediately on AtG twice)

  • I rarely used Valar Dohaeris to reset my opponent and was consistently using it to dodge my opponents Valar Morghulis. I think I caught them about 80% of the time.

  • Tried to valar Khal Drogo turn 1, opponent expected it, I paid for my crime (Sorry Khal)

Thanks to the organisers of Vaes Bulghar for hosting the tournament and all my opponents for sticking out the games (I'm sorry)


R1 - Win vs Tyrell Knights (Plamen Marekov)

R2 - Win vs Bara Lion (hidra)

R3 - Win vs Targ Assault (Atanas Keranov)

R4 - Loss vs Targ Fealty (Simon Martindale)

R5 - Win vs GJ Prince (Periklis Chatzistefanidis)


T8 - Win vs Stark KotHH (Darren Quinn)

T4 - Win vs GJ Prince (Periklis Chatzistefanidis)

Final - Win vs NW VS (Tamás Albeck)


Atanas Keranov 399


The perfect theme song! Sorry, couldn't stop myself! :D

Congratulations on the great run!

Flies away into the night... ;)

Lannister 485

Congrats mate! Curious why not carrying 3x The Bloody Cup?

vexien 730


I've seen others have success with it, but its not a card I overly like for the way I play. In my original testing, I ended up cutting them for poisoned coin as it was the same cost point but I could get a benefit from playing it/set it up for later, whereas with coin you need to be holding on to a spare 2g in challenges.

dqthemountie 63

Well played and congratulations on your victory. You hit me twice on my Valar M turns with Valar D :) Those Nighttime Marauders really hurt me also. If I remember correctly you pulled 2 She-Bears, a Marriage Pact and Alysane with one and then all of my Scouts with the other. Great fun :)

This song sums my feelings up on turn 4 www.youtube.com (the 2:28 mark)

Lord Hakkera 21

Congratulations on your performance!

I was your Round 1 opponent and though at the time I felt salty about drawing no econ after Turn 1 (when you destroyed the ones I had set up), I can now take some comfort in the fact that I clearly lost to both the best deck and the best pilot. ;)

It may have been a known factor for a while, but I think that, at least for me, your showing with this deck really solidified the notion that the Lanni/Kraken archetype is a strong contender in the current meta.

As a huge fan of control decks, I hope you continue refining and finding success with this deck. However, I feel like my repeated Nightflyer PTSD is only going to get worse from here on out. :D

BizTheDad 10

I say the following with all due respect: this deck is a cancer.