Gossip and Freys - 1/10 Alex's Birthday Tournament (5-1)

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Diomedes 3079

Just a little deck that won a Frey-themed birthday tournament :) https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7597

I obviously had to play and The Lord of the Crossing.

Round 1 vs 321

My opponent didn't play Freys, but the winning deck from Spanish Nats (without I Am No One). I had a bad start, and got crushed. But I would obviously have lost anyway :D

Round 2 vs. Brotherhood

We both had Walder Frey, but I had a Kingsroad to win initiative 2 rounds, when we both flipped initiative 8 plots. I went first with my non-kneelers avoiding his intimidate, and rushed to victory.

Round 3 vs Kraken

This was the Doran's Game bestow deck. I had a good start with Renly round 1 and put 3 Frey Lordlings into play. I went with 14 power in the final Crossing challenge and finished with 21 power after the challenge :)

Round 4 vs. Prince

Not a Frey deck, but a fun Bastard Viper deck. I had a very good start 6 card setup plus Renly ready to be marshalled round 1. After his Valar M (which Anguy survived) I played Walder Frey, who I had searched for with The Hollow Hill. Even without more Freys, Gossip and Lies with Walder closed the game quickly.

Top 4 vs. Crossing

A standard Crossing deck sprinkled with some Freys, although I didn't see them in this game. I had a good start with Renly (see a pattern here?). I riddled his Heir to the Iron Throne round 1 and actually had a Lordling in setup. This made Shotgun Mel see play for the first and only time, although she immediately got milked. Well, better her than Renly :) I won initiative and had 2 Milks ready for his biggest threats, and won suprisingly easily.

Final vs Summer

The other non-Frey deck luckily beat the Stark Hollow Hill deck in the other semifinal, so I actually had a chance in the final. I had 2 Nightmares early to win some unopposed power, Ghost of High Heart helped me get rid of threats in his hand. I was only able to win challenges, but 2 bestowed Frey Bastards with Disputed Claim made this actually matter a lot. He made a mistake in the last round miscounting STR, so Walder Frey (and a STR 6 Bastard with renown) could win the Crossing challenge to close the game.


Autoreply 1

First of all, congratulations, Hanno! And thank you, Alex, for organizing this tournament. It was a lot of fun!

I might have missed that, but I don't think there was a requirement to play Freys, it was just an additional challenge that was rewarded with a separate prize. And I still think that Starks attending the Walder Frey invitational is rather thematic. ;-)

Concerning my deck that beat you in round 1, I definitely don't want to claim that I built this myself, but I also played variants of the deck before Spanish nationals, inspired by the Stahleck version. I exchanged some cards over time, played it in the CoW tournament a few times, and adjusted it quite a bit for the new RL. Thus, implying that I just copied the deck that won the last big tournament one week before is definitely not telling the whole truth. And I was quite happy that this deck allowed me to claim my first victory against you. :-)

eusebio66 208

Starks attending the Walder Frey invitational is indeed thematic ;) And you also brought a marriage pact...