Rain Falls on the Moist and the Unmoist Alike- t16 Westeros

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thehumanh 281

I played this list in the Champions of Westeros league for the last several rounds of Swiss, and for both my cut games. The draw deck is almost a match to the Wars list I ran in the first 3 rounds. It's possible that the plot flexibility makes the Wars version better, but switching to Rains had 3 specific advantages that I was hoping to exploit. First, freeing up the RL spot occupied by Wars allowed me to run Return to the Fields, still the best defensive plot in the game, and which synergizes incredibly well with Nagga's Ribs and by extension Tarle the Thicc. Second, it allowed the opening of Late Summer Feast which is of course standard for Rains, but in this specific case solved some slow start issues I'd been having by opening At the Gates in Wars. Third, and maybe most importantly, it disguises the true intentions of the deck. Opponents overcommit to stopping intrigue challenges, when the deck really only cares about winning Power challenges and dominance.

I've written before about my fondness for Old Wyk, and here again, it's importance cannot be overstated. From just providing additional oomph to the power challenges, to muddling the math, to resurrecting key dead characters, and occasionally providing passive power, it syncs with everything the deck wants to do. I'd previously always thought of Driftwood Cudgel as a bad card, but I grew pretty fond of it while playing this deck. It helps enable the win by 5 conditions, and even with the errata, it's a simple trade of 2 gold for a power. Hagen's Daughter is the 60th card here, she's an Ironborn in case you want to set up an Aeron trigger, and also a military icon in an archetype in which those are difficult to come by. She can also be recurring claim soak, but if you're at the point where you're killing her instead of the DG characters something has probably already gone seriously wrong. Her best use is stashing her in shadows until after the Vanquish trigger.

I've had a couple good runs in tournaments this summer with Drowned God decks that do not rely on passive power to win games, and I'd like to think that there are other fresh playstyles out there waiting to be discovered by people willing to look at their cards in a different light. I have no idea what will happen to the game in the months and years ahead- the future is clearly uncertain, more so now than ever before. For those who continue playing, I hope they will keep trying to find fresh uses for old cards. The most lovely thing about this game is that it has never been solved.

What is dead may never die.


Derry 134

Really cool deck, gj!

AM 1

very fun!