Builders joining Free Companies (Winner Friendly Open s01e04

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eusebio66 242

When the Forgotten Heroes cards came out, I tried to build a competitive Free Companies Deck with all the bestow cards like Saltcliffe Sailor, Silence's Crew and new Cragorn and Vargo Hoat on top. To be honest, my attempts did not work very well and I did not succeed.

But while I was testing some decks, I played a match against a The Wars To Come (R) deck using Mole's Town. During this match, I realized that maybe the best use of Free Companies is not to give my beloved characters stealth, but to help defend the Wall. So I decided to mix builders and Free Companies.

And what can I say, it seems to be working. Free Companies gives some more opportunities to the Builders:

The other cards are just builder goodstuff cards. I put Young Builder in, to have an extra card draw, when Free Companies is not yet needed by Flea Bottom (R), Mole's Town or Seized by the Guard.

The last change I made, was to put a second copy of Isle of Ravens in. Can be very sad, when your only copy of this card is getting into discard pile (maybe by pillage, Heads on Spikes or Nightflyer). You have to be very careful with your discard pile and get your used Milks and Cravens back to work. Isle of Ravens is surely a mvp card in this deck.

Like for every builder deck, burn is a very crucial matchup und hardly to win against. Also shadow is very hard to overcome. But Aloof and Apart, which you see often right now, seems to be a feasible task.

I took this deck to two small tournaments and only lost one match.

A Game of Thrones Friendly Open s01e04

A Game of Thrones Friendly Open s01e03


argento 571

Congrats , very nice deck with many good ideas !

eusebio66 242

Thx @argento Its fun to play. At least for you, not your opponent ;)

argento 571

It is the builders curse , but when you learn to love them, it is hard to play another deck seriously ! Your deck brings some fresh toys to a very marked archetype, its really very interesting.