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GOAL: Create a great casual game experience for bloody newbies up to competitive players AND an overview of most used cards per faction on thronesdb.

Most included cards of the faction by 33% of the latest published decklists on Excluding Decks with agenda: Alliance, Long Voyage, Kingdom of Shadows (both Versions). No 1x, No shadow Cards, No ATG, No VM, No Plots affected by the Redesign, No Confiscation, No Negative Attachments, avoiding neutral cards, No Restricted List. With some minor changes.

Documentation about the Project below.

OPTIONAL: No Discardpile/Deadpile Recursion:

Alternative Plots:

Plot Changes:














(Please excuse my english)


I always loved the idea of „A Game Of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition“ as a standalone 1vs1 casual game with my complete collection. One decklist for each faction. Print them out and put them to my GOT stuff. Even after 10 years picking up pre-constructed decks with friends not related to the game and having a good time. Giving the feelings of the game but don’t make it too complicated and thinking about deckbuilding stuff.

In short: I WANTED “INTRO DECKS”! But absolutely hated the FFG ones…

I just don’t like having the feeling of „there are lots of better options than this card“, „why is this not a 3x“, „this card never saw real competitive play“, … I aimed to easy „intro decks“. No shadows and not many different cards (no 1x) in a deck, so a player learns its and the opponents decks fast. Dennis and me (2 complete collections) already made a little 6-player tournament with 4 completely new players with a 30-60 min introduction and it was totally fun. But I hated that we created the decks and always thought of: “mh is this OP?”, “mh the player will hate it, if he/she draws this card”, “the player of this deck will always loose against this deck if we put in this card, “we have no counters for this around”… IT WAS IN NO WAY OBJECTIVE.

So I decided to download all published decks from thronesdb and take netdecking to the next level. I calculated most used cards for each faction, find a way that fits my interest and seems to be nearly objective.


I calculated the percentage of in-faction-decks including a card relative to the amount of in-faction-decks published after the release of the card. Decks which contained to 33% of the latest published decklists are taken into account. Why?: To reduce the impact of the Core Meta. Everybody was publishing like crazy, but only a few cards were around. I deleted decks with specific agendas, because i want to build mono-faction 60 card decks and include NO SHADOW CARD at all. Main reason: casual new players.

NOTE: Cards with different Versions got cumulated. And the most used version got included (Decklist-Description “INCLUDED BY NAME”).


My friends and me will play these decks with the Redesigned Cards. But I wanted the Project to be as general as possible. You can find the relevant cards affected by the redesigns in every decklist-description.


  • 4091 decks (about 400-600 Decks per Faction)
  • other Agenda than: Alliance, Long Voyage, Kingdom of Shadows (both Versions)
  • published at or after 2017-08-19 until 2021-08-18 (the 4 years gap is random. I splitted the decks by quantity, not by date). (Yes, I forgot about Free Folk. But that should only push neutral cards by a tiny amount. Valyrian Steel was fine for me.)


In my opinion different agendas are way too complicated for unrelated players. Fealty is the way to go (as in the Intro Decks).


For every card I calculated if they are mostly used as 1x, 2x or 3x when they appear in a deck.

  • As argumented in the beginning: NO 1x.
  • Non-uniques as 3x. Only if it is one of the fewer used cards to fit the 60-card maximum, then a 2x is possible. They are never “dead” cards.
  • Uniques dependent on data but minimum 2x. (Characters, Locations and Attachments). A dead unique is dead and a location dupe is a nearly a dead card, with only one Greyjoy around, no PD, and no PTTT making the cut. Same holds for attachments.


3 most used limited Cards excluding Greathall, Gates of the Moon and all faction gates. If for example a Kingsroad or a 2gold limited is decided by data:

  • 3x Roseroad
  • 3x Kingsroad (Martell: Dornish Fiefdom, Targ: Slaver's Bay Port Tyrell: 2x The Arbor, 2x Redwyne Straits)
  • 3x In-faction reduce location (NW: Underground Vault)

First of all: ATG changed everything. NO ATG. Every deck would need to run Greathall/Gates of the moon as 1x or 2x and/or the faction gate. Everyone opens with the same plot and game starts with both players searching their decks, which increase playtime. IMO BORING! - NO GREATHALL. NO GATES OF THE MOON.

In data: All limited cards are overproportional used in decks than other cards. Because decks run different limiteds. But they obviously always run a specific amount of them.

I calculated the average of limited cards in a deck for each Faction:

  • Before ATG-release limiteds avg: NW: 7.21, Martell: 8.12, Lanni: 8.18, Greyjoy: 8.24, Stark: 8.29, Bara: 8.41, Targ: 8.41, Tyrell: 8.82
  • After ATG-release limiteds avg: Martell: 7.16, NW: 7.22, Targ: 7.64, Stark: 7.77, Greyjoy: 7.79, Bara: 8.07, Lanni: 8.18, Tyrell: 8.49

For me 9 (3 cards as 3x) fits good. I decided to cut all gates, because they often substitude the kingsroads in decks with ATG into Greathall or Gates of the moon. Another reason for this is: i didn’t like TOO asymmetric economy sources (dragon gate and lion gate don‘t fit in a regular targ and lannister deck). Maybe 2x of the gates are totally fine, but I wanted to minimize the amount of cards around.


In data, nearly every deck would run milk of the poppy. Stark would run frozen solid. Bara would run hunting accident. NW would run Craven. Targ would run Crown of Gold (which would be a 1x)…

I decided cutting them and Confiscation. I wanted to avoid the “marshall attachment-remove attachment”-play, general negative game-experience and blaming the deckbuilder (me) for not including enough attachment-control. If a Faction gets significantly worser without, I will include it again.

But then it comes to mind: which Faction gets out-of-faction attachment control… And which faction gets a Milk?... mmmmmhhh….


I tried to avoid neutral cards. Very hard to decide which faction deserves which one.

Especially general good ones like:

  • No Milk.
  • No HJ.
  • No Nightmares.
  • No Bodyguard. (another reason for this is no VM)
  • No Flea Bottom.


I calculated the avg per card type for each faction. But I only cared about getting the Characterbase in check. Location, Attachment and Events are decided by most inclusion. I only putted in more non-characters if the card was really more often used, than the next to including character. But i stopped with including characters after it was no longer justified and would break the AVG a lot. In general we have more characters than the AVG. With no Milk, HJ, Nightmares around this makes sense and works for me.

Characters AVG (Before ATG-release): Martell: 30.94, Greyjoy: 32.01, Bara: 32.25, Targ: 32.99, NW: 33.01, Lanni: 33.54, Tyrell: 33.75, Stark: 35.23,


Afterwards I made some minor changes, always argumented with:

  • No Negative Attachments
  • Avoid neutrals
  • Cost Curve
  • (No discardpile/deadpile recursion.) THIS IS ONLY AN OPTION LISTED IN THE DESCRIPTION


The plots are the hardest part! but also kind of flexible. As soon as the drawdeck is ready one can easily switch them in form of their own likes.

I think the most important characteristic of the game is to think about own plots and try to predict the plot of the opponent. And if there are 8x7 plots around, it‘s nearly impossible to get a feeling for it in one game night. And you can catch someone offguard with for example a „random“ Marched. So i wanted to choose easy plots and focus on most used plots across factions.


Here are some other decisions:

  • NO VM. Makes sense in a lot of decks, but slows down the game and increase luck-factor (drawing dupes first or not). FFG avoided it in their intro decks too.
  • NO ATG. As argumented in the “Economy” Section.
  • NO Confiscation. As argumented in the “No Negative Attachments” Section.
  • NO 2nd FACTION-PLOT. (Works for me. Fewer different plots around.)
  • NO REDESIGNED PLOTS. (No plots, which got a Redesign). Most of relevant ones were on the restricted list and for the Redesigned Versions there is not much data. But over all factions, no redesign-version made it to the top 20 plots (even only looking at the published decks after the release of the Redesigns- and yes, not even Trade Routes.)


To understand my Changes, here is my systematic, which lead to the decklists:

  1. Made a Ranking of Plots for each Faction excluding the ones listed above. And select Top 7 Plots for each faction.
  2. A Noble Cause: Late Summer Feast->A Noble Cause in Lanni, Bara, Greyjoy, Tyrell. Main Reason are new players: Tricky Forced Reaction, which will often be forgotten and smaller boardstates especially with no VM around seem attractive to me.) I also decided Heir->A Noble Cause for Stark (would be the only Faction with the Plot, does a "similar" thing and is on 8th Place of Stark Plots).
  3. YWOYD: I was thinking a lot of removing YWOYD completely for every Deck. But i love the tension it creates and it is a solid closer for every deck. It is on the v2.2 Standard Restricted List. So its powerlevel is undeniable: Martell: Retaliation -> YWOYD (IMO does a better Job with Reserve boosts and on 9th place of Martell Plots) Tyrell: Tourney for the King-> YWOYD (a less situational Closer which is in 0,2% fewer Decks and on Place 8 of Tyrell Plots). NW: Building Orders -> YWOYD. NW would be the only Faction without YWOYD.
  4. 1 Reset per Deck: VD/Wildfire (except for Martell. Gets the 2nd). Removed them and added the next Plot on the Ranking: Stark: VD-> Close Call, Lanni: VD-> Close Call, Bara: Wildfire-> Counting Coppers, Tyrell: VD-> Counting Coppers, Martell: Vary's Riddle-> Wildfire (only Faction with this Plot and complicated to play for new players)
  5. Cutting Exchange of Information. New players and only a few attachments around. I remember a lot of Melee Tables with 2-3 Exchange and 1-2 Vary's Riddle. It's horrible :D. Targaryen: Exchange -> A Noble Cause (Back up Eco Plot for Khal and Daeny). NW: Exchange -> Counting Coppers. Martell: Exchange -> Time of Plenty (definetely needed an eco plot)
  6. Time of Plenty for everyone :D Stark: Counting Coppers -> Time of Plenty (already most Draw-Cards in Deck), Bara: A Feast for Crows -> Time of Plenty
  7. Reduce Plots around: NW: Late Summer Feast -> Close Call. Greyjoy: Trading-> Marched (some good Ini).

Now there are only 8 neutral Plots around and 1 Faction Plot for each Faction (except Lanni). Absolutely manageable for new players. If Eco is too tight I will give Late Summer Feast back. Or think about a solution with Trade Routes, which fit both: playing with or without Redesigns.


One Last Note: I would love to have a kind of balanced Version of these decks. But this is only possible with testing. If the Decks seem to be way TOO unbalanced, I will work with the Alternative Cards listed in the description and even some further inclusions or exclusions of restricted cards. Hoping for more balanced Matchups.

ALTERNATIVES: In the Alternatives you can find cards which are not significantly lesser used.

If you really read this whole thing (or a part of it) I’m really impressed! Thank you a lot! I did this mostly for myself. In the end if only 1 person is interested in it, then my effort was totally worth it :)

I will be thankful for every opinion, recommendation, advise or other feedback.

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Stormborn 307

This is a wonderfull project - thanks!

A suggestion would be to make all these decks Rookery Format so that each individual player can tweek within certain limited options