Early Frost in the West

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mak 93

Deck used in the 🇳🇴 Nordic League - “The Agenda is Mine” 🇳🇴



Courteous 25

Hellow @mak, I m a long time lannister player and your deck remember me when we used to play choke KoW lanni lol when tyrell box was launched ( or before btw).

Do you find any cards useless during the tournament ? Or you would like to replace ?

I tried something based on your deck, fixing (for me) some issues than could present to you.


mak 93

Hi @Courteous! Your version looks great.

Since At the Gates has been banned, you'll probably noticed that you want those 3x Great Hall (R) to be able to marshal, put pressure and push those events.

Early Rains into Wildfire + Trial is soooooo important (better with Chella of course), where you Rains 1st, then you Trial. Following that, you . I would try 3x Trial, 2x Sword, 2x Torch.

I would try 1x Lysa Arryn somewhere.

The deck is really fun, but it lacks icons, draw and sometimes VM or VD.

Thursday 159

Interesting changes! Looks like you went a bit more towards control than mine. Did you find those changes effective in managing the pace of the game?

Also - do you think you have enough draw that playing that many Noble Lineages was manageable? I guess with Gold Mine it's not a big deal, yeah? What matchups were able to punish you for the lower number of power icons, and did the Lineages adequately address them?