A Summer Tour on the Greenblood

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8 Regents - House Martell 88

Played this deck in the 8 Regents Tournament against Baratheon Assault from the Shadows. It was a tight game, and while I ended up on the losing end, it was one of my favorite games of the tournament. The White Walkers streamed the game on their YouTube channel, here's a link to the game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kattjqNtp_g).

I've always wanted to make a HRD Greenblood deck work and I expected to see some summer plots going into the Baratheon matchup. If you're getting a strength boost off of the The Greenblood then why not throw in Doran Martell (Core) and the Martell lords and ladies and really have some fun? Thus this deck was born.

This deck doesn't mind going first to leverage the intimidate from Anders Yronwood, Darkstar (SoD), and Dawn. The draw from Dorne (R), Greenblood Trader, and insight from Doran Martell (Core) and Arianne Martell (JtO) all help ensure that you find what you need.

The deck has enough cards in the 0-2 cost range that you should be able to set up 2-3 cards pretty consistently. I usually look for some sort of econ along with a chud or two. Desert Scavenger and Prince's Attendant fit both of those categories quite nicely.

Doran's Game (R) and/or To The Spears! and The Red Viper (Core) are the main win conditions here. The Iron Throne (Core) and Sand Steed provide additional passive power gain as well. The placement of Sand Steed can be tricky so be sure to choose wisely.

Originally I had Change of Plans in the build but ended up dropping it for Lay Waste. I feel like Lay Waste is a stronger card into the broader meta.

Milk of the Poppy, Sand Steed, Lay Waste, Nymeria Sand (SoD), and The Iron Throne (Core) are the flex slots in the deck. Nymeria Sand (SoD) and The Iron Throne (Core) being my nods at tech cards for the Baratheon matchup. There is also consideration to run Heir to the Iron Throne in the plot deck and slot in Spotted Sylva for more consistency.

Overall, I'm happy with the way the deck turned out as it was a lot of fun to play. Thank you to my Team Martell teammates for the feedback and help in deck building.

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hagarrr 829

Considering this is a Martell deck, I enjoyed this quite a bit :D