Fools Hate the Snow - 8RoW House Greyjoy

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Fools of Westeros (3-0) & Fools at the Wall III (5-2) 6 6 0 1.0
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Zrowrequiem 112

This deck had been tested for a few days in advance of my match against @chrisssie ( Fealty) and outfitted with all the things I could think of to salt their earth.

  1. Lots of keywords (F&J which I could not link, Erik Anvil-Breaker, Support of Harlaw, Saltcliffe Sailors)
  2. Lots of plots intended to cripple the opponent (The Pointy End, The Smith, The Father, Duel, Valar Dohaeris).

Goal of the deck is pretty simple - go first and win with lots of keywords. Get 3/4 low cost characters out with a decent backrow (stealth ftw) and then begin removing difficult cards from the equation.

I took a few ideas from the deck linked (namely support of harlaw + great kraken) which I found had been working very well as an additional power, card, and keyword source in troubling times. However, in practice I found that iron mines (which is amazing in setup btw) + risen + the crone was enough to keep my relevant characters from dying and allowed me to cut the maester package entirely (except for Maester Murenmure who is my spirit animal and which I knew would come in handy / serve as another florian target with a self-kneel).

The deck felt very consistent and had won an excessive amount of games in practice due to the low cost curve.

I readied my list, played a few more practice matches, and prayed to the Drowned God that I would not see The First Snow of Winter. The one card I knew I had no answers for. Confidence

Match Report:

Bolton Flayer comes out first turn and I knew that it was over for me. I had made a note to myself to swap in a few begging brothers after getting wrecked by this in a test match; however, I did not end up actually inserting these into the list I played. I tried to claw my way back by playing every character I could muster, but it was over before it even began.

I'm sure my opponent had many more tricks in store to crush my fools, but he did not even need to show them.

However, I did think this list was still worth sharing despite my crushing and entirely one-sided defeat since theres a lot of ways to play it. There is also a pillage version + loyals I have been playing, but the same idea is used in a Conclave list which I will most likely end up posting at some point.

If I were to make the list more generic I would cut duel for another The Smith most likely (I often end up using this just to cripple econ + 2 begging brothers in place of some uniques)


Marco Martell 70

So I wasn't the only player to meet Bolton Flayer with mummers facing chrisssie... And our Bara Mummers with the new Gendry also seems a decent deck, although it's not published on thrones.db yet.

Marco Martell 70

Thanks for sharing your deck, but isn't there any tool to stand Erik Anvil-Breaker? Is he just here because of the 3 words he has printed? Also... are Iron Mines really worth to include 3 copies? Here's my list from Nordic League tournament if you want to compare I would surely add at least 1 Erik Anvil-Breaker.

Zrowrequiem 112

@Marco Martell I would've loved to find space to stand him - he's entirely for the keywords on the turn you play him (which wasn't consistent enough with so few ways to put gold on him). I planned to use Erik as my the father target / remove him after VD but you're right that I could have thought that part out better - probably king's landing smuggler.

Maybe Defiance or Maiden's bane as well but space was already very tight. Iron mines is worth the space since its great in setup and allows you to save dupes for the problems I find fools face - first snow / VM. Maybe you could cut it to two but I've always found it invaluable.

I think in the version I am playing now I put Erik at 2 to add an extra F&J.