A Worthy Seaworth

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Reader 292

This super fun deck was built and sleeved for some casual games at my local meet up. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd share it with the community. Maybe you're looking for something fun or just a bit more interesting than the usual T1 decks to play online, to sleeve for meet up or even a tourney. Feel free to give this a whirl.

With plenty of Stealth you should be getting two triggers from Marya each round. Then you have cards to help you make the most out of Mel's ability, such as Ser Preston Greenfield, The Starry Sept and "A Cask of Ale".

Sweetsleep is your protection from Milk of the Poppy and A Pinch of Powder.

While Support of Harlaw can be attached to anyone for Renown, if you have not yet seen Black Wind it works great on Asha.

Red Priest should really be Sellsails... but until its restricted, it will likely find its way into all Baratheon and banner Stag decks. No reason not to run the obnoxiously ubiquitous Red Priest here... other than total lack of theme!

Have fun and feel free to post any comments or suggestions

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