Weird Bara Decks - The Night is Dark and Full of Botley

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SonOfBattles1 436

Weird Bara Deck 4 - The Night is Dark and Full of Botley

Yes, finally, we address one of Bara's weirdest (but also pretty neat) subtheme - hand vision and control. That's right, we're building a choke deck powered by vision and we're running Competitive Mel. Stare into those flames and buckle up!

The Kraken Chokes

card control decks have entered the mainstream lately. Greyjoy Greensight with Tris Botley and The Nope Throne (LMHR) has been particularly popular. The theory is, you get cards into your opponent's discard pile through the agenda, , Pillage effects, or Nighttime Marauders (R), then prevent cards from being played via Tris Botley, Baelor Blacktyde, Nope Throne (LMHR), and good old fashion econ choke - Botley Crew. Fortunately, all of these tools are non-loyal so we have access to them via Banner of the Kraken.

Vision Quest

Not only does Baratheon have additional ways of getting cards into discard to enable choke effects, they also grant hand vision, which when remembered, can make Nighttime Marauders (R) triggers far more devastating. Here are the main tools:

Melisandre (GtR)

Competitive Mel is a 3 in one for this choke deck. She grants hand vision, she can put cards into the discard pile for Tris Botley and Baelor Blacktyde to remove, and finally, she can choke unplayed unique characters herself by placing them in the dead pile.

Other Key Cards

  • Heir to the Iron Throne. This deck packs enough weenie Lord and Lady characters that you can attempt to tutor Melisandre (GtR) with it. Tris Botley is also an acceptable target. Remember you can find a dupe of a Lord or Lady to save them if you suspect your opponent playing Valar Morghulis!
  • Late Summer Feast. This card is your friend when Melisandre (GtR) is on the board - you want your opponent to draw more characters for you to snipe.
  • Heads on Spikes. If you trigger Mel, you can discard a non character in dominance to make it more likely this plot lands.
  • Maester Kerwin, Hagen's Daughter, and Iron Mines (R). These aren't explicitly choke cards, but they help resist aggro, a major weakness of playing Competitive Mel
  • Botley Crew. Another bonus of the Cru's choke is that opponents will have a harder time playing big keystone characters - enabling them to be sniped by Melisandre.
  • Set Down Our Deeds. Amazing draw tech. A cheeky trick if you have it in hand on setup is to go first, win challenges, and when you opponent swings back it you for power, play it drawing a bunch of cards and leaving them nothing left to steal.


The choke plays well into the Table-Chair package. Stall out with choke, play Mel, commit depravities, and win with passive power.


robrobrobwright 31

Very creative deck. Tough call to leave out Red Priest?

SonOfBattles1 436

Thanks @robrobrobwright! I actually had this deck built for Regents (before Red Priest was restricted). In my mind, Queen's Men, which is typically an inferior Red Priest, worked better with Baelor Blacktyde and Tris Botley since it moved cards to the discard pile. Red Priest is really tilting to opponents and could definitely be slotted over the Traitor to the Crown instances.