Edric's Guards Top 16 Melee Stahleck

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uBaH 133

So when Stahleck approached as every year I look for a card that makes me build around and this happened this year as well. The card that got my eye was Edric Dayne (HMW). There something charming about this card, also when I saw it is in the promos I had to play it. Next on the list was to choose a Faction and I stopped at . They got some really interesting cards for Melee that I had to try and use. The Yronwood/Guard theme had a explosive potential with We Guard the Way and Edric had some shadow/discard synergy so I closed my deck with Kingsguards and few shadow Cards The Shadow City and Southron Escort that happened to be guard as well. This way the deck had two solid fronts for action and I won games with both the Kingsguards and Yronwoods. I also added some odd cards that in retrospect I'll definitely remove from the deck (Hellholt & The Boneway). These will definitely be changed for 2 copies of Ser Boros Blount. The weakest link of the deck I felt was the Plot deck the whole day. I didn't had a solid opener and had to open with Varys's Riddle all day and Compelled by the Faith was a dead plot. Some will say the Valar Morghulis is also questionable but it won a game and stalled another for extra turn alas the Varys's Riddle on it was cancelled by a dirty Martell in my Top 16 game.

I don't recall all the details of my games but I got 2 Wins, 1 Second place with 12 Power/6 Points and a Hard fought 4th place (I know how silly this sounds) with 8 Power / 2 Points. Also by a coincidence during the day I faced a lot of players in Top 16 that could probably, I had 2nd Highest SoS after Werner whit whom we played Round 1.

After the Melee Final we talked with Rowandra (the other White Book player in the cut from the French meta) and he mentioned that my Plot deck really needs work similar to my conclusion as well and I should refine a little the counts of the Kingsguards.

Also if I had to take a shot for each missed Dorn trigger I wouldn't have survived the 1st game. As always if you have questions you can reach out to me via discord at Ivan "Ванчо" Ivanov from the friendly Bulgarian Meta.

P.S. This is probably my greatest achievement, personally, to make the Melee Cut at Stahleck and I'll cherish this one playmat.


Cas 149

Cool deck! Congrats for the top 16! How would you update your plotdeck based on the experience?

uBaH 133

2nd White Swords and Look for a Forced March space. Calm over Westeros is also on the chopping block, but than again it helped in the games I used it. I personally think the VM needs to be in the plot decks if you had a bad start and that could help you catch up to the guys that are ahead. That is also plot not mandatory in general, I just think I have to run it.